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Married to Medicine Week 2 Recap

by Ilana Angel

April 20, 2014 | 8:48 am

This show is fabulous and these women are good TV, except for Toya, but the first episode last week was dark. There was some darkness last year, but there was also a lot of fun and laughs. Mariah and Quad were the Laverne and Shirley of reality TV and with their friendship fractured I am not sure where the fun will come from.  I like these women and hope they don’t go “housewife” on us and head to the gutter.

We start this week with Quad, who looks fabulous. She is visiting with new girl Lisa Nicole, who is a fashion designer I have never heard of, and business partners with Dwight of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame. This man is hungry for TV time so bless him for landing in the right spot at the right time. I like him, but he is not one of ladies no matter how hard he tries. Lisa Nicole quickly shows she is a backstabbing fame whore.

They show her complimenting Mariah on her outfit at Dr. Heavenly’s party, then trashing it to Quad and Dwight. Quad is there because she's going to start a clothing line for dogs. She wants us to think she is the queen of high fashion, but pronounces Louis Vuitton as Lewis Vuitton and I am laughing at her, not with her. I love Quad but she thinks she is a star on her own and she was a star with Mariah, not ready to fly solo.

Cut to Dr. Jackie, where Dr. Simone has come to visit. I love Simone, but am not a fan of Jackie. I want to like her so I am waiitng for it to happen. She is beautiful and accomplished, but doesn’t seem particularly nice.  Simone is pissed at Heavenly for how she treated her at the party, but first she wants to talk about Jackie’s desire to have a baby. How old is Jackie? She is not having a baby, come on now.

They get to talking about Heavenly’s party and Jackie wants to set up a chat for the three of them to smooth over what happened. Simone says she will never speak to Heavenly again, then agrees to meet with her. Simone is the girl I want to be friends with. She is fun and fabulous and it is interesting she is such good friends with Jackie who is so uptight.  Simone is down to earth while Jackie has a God complex.

Jumping to Toya, she is on a walk with her husband and I am skipping over it. Unless she is shooting with one of the other ladies, I have no interest in her because I think she is an idiot. Cut to Heavenly’s house, it is dinnertime and we meet her kids. Her daughter is named Alaura and not since Milania Giudice have I loved a reality TV kid more. This kid is fabulous and I think I am going to dig this family. 

Heavenly has issues with Dr. Jackie and her outlook on fat people. If they drag this storyline out for the entire season it will be boring. Heavenly lost a lot of weight and is sensitive, but her talking to her family about it is perfection. She tells her husband he should have told her she was fat, but he said he never saw her as fat. Cut to Alaura, who tells her mom she thought she was fat. Alaura is perfect.

We go to Dr. Simone’s office for some scripted scenes to remind us she is a doctor. Ugh. This show needs to decide what it is because going back and forth between serious reality TV and scripted trashy TV makes no sense. Toya calls to set up a time for them to talk. We then head to Jackie’s office so we can be reminded she too is a serious doctor. Then over to Mariah’s, where she is chatting with her husband Aydin.

There is obviously something going on with Mariah and the other ladies. She is no longer friends with Quad and rather than guess about what is going on, I will tell you that I met Mariah for drinks this week while she was in LA. I will write all about that chat this week. I will say Mariah is fantastic, this show was her idea, and fame has gone to the head of more than one ungrateful fame whore on the show. Just saying.

We are now with Dr. Jackie who is surprising her husband with a little picnic. Dear Lord. Does Jackie actually want us to believe she is going to ask her husband about adopting a baby in front of the camera? Not buying it. Jackie walks into the gym and her husband tells her it is a nice surprise. Come on. The cameras are in the gym filming him. He was all but absent last year, but there he is, being shot by a camera crew.

Why is he surprised? Why is the woman who is so prim, proper and private going to ask for a baby in front of us? This is complete and total bullshit. I hate it when we are treated like morons. We are smart people, watching a show we like, and they treat us like we are dumb. Jackie got there in the bright sun to a full gym, now it is dark out and the gym is closed.  Ugh. Jackie is shot down for a baby. I’m bored.

Jumping to Simone’s, Quad is over for a visit with her dogs. Yes, I am calling them dogs not babies, because they are DOGS. Quad is talking to Simone about going on birth control because her husband is pushing for a baby and she does not want one. Quad wants something she can keep from her husband. For Quad to put this on camera is pathetic. These women are inviting problems. Quad thinks this okay?

Time for Toya to talk to Simone about the bowling party, where Toya says Simone was sexual with her husband. Toya is stirring up drama so she can get camera time but Simone is too busy to deal with her crap and walks away. I am late getting this blog posted so I will blog the episode tonight, then share my interview with Mariah. People are picking Mariah/Quad sides but I'll wait to see who is keeping it real.



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