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Married to Medicine Recap – Week 3

by Ilana Angel

April 20, 2014 | 7:34 pm

*Tonight's typos are generously sponsored by Smirnoff.

I love, love, love this show. I am Team Mariah, best friends with Dr, Simone, and would not hesitate to accidently trip Toya down a flight of stairs. I’m kidding, not kidding, but seriously, this is good TV and for a blogger who watches everything when it comes to reality television, that is saying a lot. Love it as I may, it also pisses me off. They are trying to show how serious these women’s lives are, but it is too late. They have already gone into the reality gutter so trying to be a serious medical show now is not happening and the medical scenes are silly.

Once we get through the scripted medical drama, we head to Mariah’s house. She is sick so Aydin and the kids are making her something to eat. Aydin cuts himself opening a can and there is blood everywhere, which is sad, but also quite funny. He is a doctor, but unable to pull together a meal of canned soup with his kids. The blood has made it into the the soup, and I am grossed out. Ugh. Mariah tells Aydin they are invited to Toya’s for a party and she is not going to go and use her sickness as an excuse. Aydin and Mariah are cute and I think they are both very entertaining.

Cut to Quad, she tells her husband Eugene she met with Mariah alone to work things out. There are two sides to every story and I am firmly planted on Team Mariah. Let me clarify that Quad is a hoot to watch and listen to. She is also a bit of an exaggerator if you ask me. She says Mariah told her she made her relevant, then hit her. I believe Mariah may have said something like that, but she didn’t hit her. Come on. I think Quad used Mariah, then after one season thought she could be a star, and jumped ship. Quad says Mariah was escorted out by security. 

We head over to new girl Lisa Nicole and I will say I don’t trust her. There is something about her that I just don’t like. She is there to do a commercial for her work and while I get that is why people do reality TV, it is her first real appearance and it would have been nice to get to know her, not her work. She lets us know she is a quadruple threat because she is beautiful, intelligent, articulate, and rich. Oy vey. I am not sitting through a season of a Lisa Nicole commercial. Chick needs to get off Married to Medicine and head over to QVC is she is looking to sell stuff.

Sidebar: Lisa Nicole pronounces onyx as oy-nix. Does that cut out intelligent and articulate? We head over to Dr. Jackie who is talking to a patient about her weight. She is going to put this woman on an eating plan and doctor or not, I don’t think Jackie is a nutritionist. If she is, I apologize and if she isn’t, she needs to shut up about weight already. Jackie talks about having breast cancer twice, and obesity being a contributing factor, but she is not obese and she got cancer, so I don't understand the connection. I get her desire to help, but enough.

Time to go to Toya’s house and since it is just her without other the other women, I am skipping it. She is an idiot and not worthy of my time. We jump to Dr. Heavenly, who has gone to visit Dr. Jackie and taken Chakiva, Ms. Georgia Plus America with her. I think Chakiva is beautiful. Dr. Jackie felt bad about possibly offending Chakiva at the last party so she invited them to make peace. She apologizes, but also gives a dig. The bottom line is that Dr. Jackie does not like fat people. Move on. By move on of course I mean shut up.

Chakiva accepts the apology, but Heavenly is not letting it go that easily. I love Heavenly and love that she annoys Jackie. Annoyed Jackie is fun Jackie. Jackie dismissed Chakiva, probably because she can’t think clearly around fat people, and tells Heavenly she wants to clear the air with her. Heavenly tells Jackie she was being an ass and I am giving Heavenly a round of applause. Jackie wants to talk more, but Heavenly shuts her down and gets out, only to have Jackie tell the camera Heavenly is crazy. She then immediately gets on the phone to gossip to Simone. 

Time for Toya’s party and Lisa Nicole is going with Dwight. In the car Dwight gossips about the Quad/Mariah meeting, saying that Mariah was drunk on the street and humiliated herself. Lisa Nicole says she is on team Quad and I am rolling my eyes because this chick is not smart enough to align with the creator and executive producer of the show, instead sides with the fame whore. Bless her. She is not as intelligent as she wants us to think. Heavenly arrives at the ridiculous party. The kid is two and this is stupid. Kari is there and should be embarrassed by her desperation.

Heavenly calls out the stupidity of the lavish party. She says they should have invested the money spent on the party for their kid’s future so they don’t end up on food stamps. Heavenly and Alaura should have their own show.  Back to Quad, her husband is once again pushing for a baby. She has been on camera saying she is going to lie to him about birth control, and I am losing interest. Quad tries to embarrass Gregory, he shuts down, she is annoyed, and I wonder if the money is worth it to this man to be humiliated by his wife in such a public way. 

Lisa Nicole is talking to Toya and Heavenly. She knew nothing about anything in the car, but she is talking now as if she was there. Saying all kinds of stuff about Mariah being drunk, and thrown out. She just learned about this from Dwight, yet she is now in the know? Lisa Nicole is a bitch, and an idiot. Bless her. Mariah is laying low and you can bet on the truth coming out. Time for Mariah and Aydin to have dinner with Simone and Cecile. I love Simone and Cecile. In my head we are all married, she is my best friend and my sister wife. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Mariah is not willing to talk in detail about Quad and Simone is skeptical.  I think the truth will come out eventually. In fact, some of it is coming out on Wednesday when I will post my interview with Ms. Mariah. We sat down in Los Angeles last week and she shared some interesting things. Good stuff.  Next week Jackie will once again talk about her cancer, Simone will share she does not blow, and therefore needs a sister wife, and Alaura will steal the show. I am hooked on these women. It is fun to watch and fun to blog. Even the gross ones are fun to write about because I am keeping it real.



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