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Chef Roble is a Putz on TV & Twitter

by Ilana Angel

June 20, 2013 | 8:21 am

I have watched Chef Roble & Co. quite a few times.  I don’t blog it because it would be the same blog every single week. For example: “Chef Roble’s staff creates a menu, he takes credit. Chef Roble’s staff executes the menu, he takes credit.  Chef Roble is mean to his staff, rude to his sister, and spends his time talking about how great he is, while whining about everyone.” That blog would get old.

The show is boring, his sister has no idea what she is doing, his staff is lovely, but not allowed to shine through because he stifles them and wants it to be about him all the time.  He is vulgar, abrasive, and immature.  I understand how he got a show because the idea of it makes sense, but how he got another season is a mystery to me. This show is not interesting.

On last night’s show they did a polo party in the Hamptons. Not everyone is suited for the Hamptons, and Roble is one of those people. Roble is ignorant about a lot of things.  He is offensive during a discussion about a gay couple having a baby, offensive in how he talks about “white people”, and likes to tell us that “black people” are different, every chance he gets.

Jasmine is very sweet, but clueless and not a decorator, and Arte is a genius who should be the one to have his own show.  He is entertaining, funny, real, and fun to watch.  I actually feel bad for Arte because he is too good for this show, so if he can hang on, this show will be cancelled and maybe someone at Bravo will see the real star and give him a show.

Sidebar:  Billy Charles is a blogger based on the east coast.  He is funny and kind, and always has a nice word for everyone.  He has a loyal following on Twitter, and uses his blog for good by raising a lot of money for Hurricane Sandy relief.  He truly is a good guy and having gotten to know him over the past year or so on Twitter, I have become a huge fan of his.

Billy Charles has a wonderful husband, a cat I often think about stealing, a strong voice of compassion and tolerance, and opinions on a lot of things.  He is honest, open, and does not sit back when something bothers him, or people who are intolerant of race, religion, or sexual orientation.  In the world of reality television blogging, Billy Charles is one of the good guys.

So last night on his show, Chef Roble behaved badly and Billy Charles called him out on it, in a very respectful way, by tweeting him to ask if he would be as tolerant of stereotypical remarks about his race.  Roble replied by telling Billy to shut the f*** up and that he was an equal opportunity offender. Charming.  I called him an asshole, and he then went after me.

He said I was old and ugly, which I’m sure was meant to hurt my feelings or embarrass me, but the fact is I am gorgeous and rocking my 40’s like nobody’s business, so all his comment did was make me think he has no respect for women and a very small penis. Roble acts like an entitled and spoiled brat on his show, and also on Twitter.  Grow up loser.

After he dropped F bombs and attacked anyone who had an opinion, he decided to follow me on Twitter.  It was rather entertaining and quite sad. Roble has a swollen head and thinks because he is on a reality show he is famous and somehow above everyone else.  Here’s the thing genius, if we are not watching, you have no show, so respect your audience.

You owe Billy Charles an apology.  Billy watches your show, asked a question that deserved an answer, and you were mean for no reason.  You are in the public eye Roble, and you need to be decent to decent people.  You not only embarrassed yourself last night on twitter, but your company, and as a mother myself, I can safely assume your mom too.

Important to note that Chef Roble's sister Jazmine decided to get in on the action and went after me on twitter today with the same vulgar language and judgement as her brother.  She even suggested my opinions were  because they are people of color.  Really?  I don't see color, I see ignorance, and these two are truly disgusting people. Shame. 

When you go on a reality show to expose your life, business, and personality, you open yourself up to criticism, but Billy was not criticizing.  He was asking a fair question, in a respectful way, and Roble was an asshole.  There was no need for it and in the end all it did was loose him some viewers, which he cannot afford to do.  He may be on TV, but we blog.

Don’t underestimate the power of a blog douchebag.  You were rude and mean to people, and all it did was show your true colors.  You did not come across as funny or intelligent, but rather as a man who is unworthy of our time, not anyone I would want to do business with, and most importantly, someone who is unable to handle people who keep it real.



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