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Celebrity Apprentice – Lou is Finally Fired

by Ilana Angel

April 9, 2012 | 9:33 pm

Lou Ferrigno

Last week this show went from slow and boring to fabulous, so hopes are high they keep it going.  Aubrey ran off like a spoiled kid, while Arsenio lost his mind.  Lisa took credit for everything, and Dayana was once again punished for being beautiful.  I am reinvested, ready for more, and really hoping someone punches Aubrey in the face.  Just kidding.

This week starts with Arsenio still fuming about Aubrey.  He is spot on and I’m digging it.  Arsenio calls Aubrey a bitch and a whore and Lisa gets pissed off and says it’s rude.  Really?  The filthiest female comic in the world is upset he called her a bitch and a whore?  She is telling Arsenio every woman in America is going to hate him for using that language.

News flash Lisa, we freaking LOVE Arsenio for calling Aubrey out and we think you are a bitch a whore.  Lou and Dayana come in and when Lisa sees that Debbie has been fired she loses her mind again.  She tells them both they are stupid losers and storms off.  Lisa is a nightmare.  She is low class, ignorant, and ridiculous.  She is not good television.

Sadly Aubrey gets over her silliness and comes back.  I was so hopeful she would bail.  She is talking about being bullied by Arsenio and Clay, and it’s lame.  She was a bitch and got called on it.  That’s not bullying, but she is a complete moron so you can’t blame her for not knowing what bullying is. Teresa is PM for her team, and Dayana is leading hers.

Aubrey confronts Arsenio, lets him know she was hurt by what he said, and tells him she is a fan.  He says he’s a man for admitting he was wrong, but he doesn’t admit he was wrong.  It was funny and totally fake.  They hate each other and it was painfully insincere.  Over with the others, Penn needs to go to another gig and Lisa is pissed she is stuck with morons.

The editing on this show sucks.  The continuity is non-existent and you have to wonder exactly how much here is fake.  I’m guessing about 99.9%.  They need to do a commercial for Entertainment.com, which is a fun task.  Sidebar: Teresa Guidice is fabulous on this show.  She is beautiful and the other real housewives of New Jersey must be pissed about it.

Lou is pissed that as an actor, he was not selected to be in the commercial. Hilarious.  I don’t get why they feel the need to do sub-titles for some of his lines.  We understand him and it’s not nice.  Lou is trying to help direct but they are not into his suggestions.  It’s so predictable.  They are annoyed with him, they will lose, and he will be the one to go.

Paul is made up to look like a regular guy and it’s strange to see him that way. He looks handsome and I love him for jumping in and doing what needs to be done.  Teresa is digging saying action as the director and Aubrey is throwing her under the bus to the camera, but smiling to her face.  Aubrey O’Day is evil and if she had a career, her time on this show would kill it.

Lou is still talking about how he wanted to be in the commercial.  He is sweet, but enough already with the broken record.  Lou needs simply stop talking.  He’s so totally getting the boot that watching this feels like a waste and I want to fast forward over the task and get to the boardroom.  I could never blog this show live because I need to skip a lot.

Lisa is working well with Dayana, so she has no choice but to bag on Lou.  Lou tells Dayana if he didn’t like the commercial he would tell her, and assures he like it.  He then tells the camera that he does not like it.  It’s so obvious he is going home that it’s not really fun to watch.  I am an hour in and all I want to do it go to the boardroom because I’m bored.

The presentations happen and we see both commercials.  Teresa’s team has a video based on sexual innuendos.  It’s funny and cute but Aubrey is painful and it’s a shame they cast her because she is nauseating.  Dayan’s video is super cute but Lou is bitching, Aubrey is bitching, Lisa is bitching, and it is now so clear Lou is being fired that I’m annoyed.

Dayana is proud of her team, but when asked who the weakest link is, she says it is Lou.  Surprise!  Lisa says Lou was useless and Dayana was great.  Lou then goes over the edge.  He says Lisa is lucky to be a woman because if she was a man he’d throw her out the window.  Lisa tells him to not threaten her, but Ivanka calls her out on being mean to Lou.

Lisa denies she calls Lou a loser, and they are going at it.  Lisa says Lou needs to get ready for an elevator ride, which I thought was an awesome line.  Nobody is willing to admit they heard Lisa call Lou a loser, but they all did. I love a woman with balls but Lisa is not ballsy as much as she is bitter, angry, negative and nasty.  She is just not nice.

Clay says Teresa is the nicest woman on his team, which we all know.  Apart from the fact that Aubrey is a rotten child and not a woman, Teresa is doing well and handling herself in a way that is surprising to those who watch her on Housewives.  I am a huge fan, and I was not always, but she is rocking it and I hope she is in the finals.  Time will tell.

Teresa says she will bring the entire team back into the boardroom because everyone was excellent and there was no week link. Aubrey looks constipated, then annoyed when Ivanka calls her out for taking over and answering questions for Teresa when she should have shut up.  I dig Ivanka Trump and love it when she throws out Jewish lingo.

Trump asks why Dayana did not use her team in the commercial, and Penn says he was too old.  Trump plays a long and says he hates “those people”, referring to older men with younger women.  I love me some Donald Trump.  He’s great television.  Not at all Presidential, but he is good television.  Lou tells Trump the other team did a better job.

It is a desperate and insane way to try to save himself, and the whole thing is sad because Lou just looks like a fool.  I wanted him to do well because I love the idea of him, but in the end the idea of Lou Ferrigno is better than the real Lou Ferrigno.  Watching Lisa beat up on Lou is depressing and I think was wrong in terms of the editing.

Lisa is humiliating and embarrassing him and I think he deserved a little more respect.  You can’t edit out that he is a bit of an idiot, but he made himself look bad so having Lisa beat him up was just not nice.  Lisa is a bitter shrew and I want her to go down in flames.  FYI, her make-up is brutal.  I’m guessing Gibson left her make-up bag behind.

Trump calls out Lou for saying the other team was better, and Lou is trying to take it back.  The boardroom is an hour which is stupid.  There is no reason this show should be two hours.  In the end Teresa wins $60K.  The bad news is that we now need to watch Lou get beat up for another twenty minutes, which is going to be gross.

The public beating of Lou continues.  Lisa is a pig.  Paul says he does not want to work with Lisa so you know he going to be moved to her team next week to make it even.  Penn says Lou did not work too hard, Dayana says Lou did not work too hard, but Lisa is calling him out as a useless human being and I have no respect for her and never will.

Penn is safe.  Dayana, Lou and Lisa are up for firing.  Lou knows he is going home and tells Dayana and Lisa it was a pleasure working with them.  Dayana says nothing, which is rude and mean.  Lisa does not care about what he says and rather than accept his generosity towards her, she is rude and abrasive, confirming she is a classless pig.

Lou has been talking for weeks about how is hearing loss is not a factor and he does not want to be judged on it, yet now he is saying he takes longer to understand things because of it.  It was sad.  He was pulling the deaf card when he needed the sympathy and it did not sit well since he’s been fighting against it for weeks.  I feel bad for him.

Lisa calls out the manipulation of his hearing issues, and Lou is saying her profanity is uncalled for.  Lisa can’t get over his being there when he does nothing, and Lou can’t get over her calling him a loser on national television. Lou says Trump should fire Lisa, then changes it to Dayana being fired, as she was the Project Manager.

Trump fires Lou for being disloyal and Lou asks him to take it back because he does not want to be fired.  It’s heartbreaking.  He leaves without hugs to anyone and I’m not sure why, but it made me want to cry.  This show was not great for Lou.  In the end his turning on his team was more about hurting them, than it was about keeping it real.


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