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Am I Too Scared to Blog Mob Wives?

by Ilana Angel

January 30, 2013 | 7:26 pm

I love these women.  They are real, fascinating, and incredibly funny.  That said, they scare the crap out of me.  They intimidate me and just listening them talk calmly to each in the kitchen freaks me out.  I have been watching this show every season and while I blogged about it Season 1, in watching the new season I am a little scared.  By scared of course I mean I’m not sure my style of blogging would be cool with these ladies.

I record this show when it is on so I can skip over the commercials and watch it is one shot.  I love the soundtrack, accents, boobs, clothes, language, and just about everything else.  I am truly fascinated by these chicks.  I can’t decided if I want to be their best friends and live next door, or if I would cross the street if I saw one of them walking towards me.   I am obsessed with them and cannot turn away when they are on.

The interesting thing about them all is they speak in the same way that I write.  We use a lot of the same vocabulary and sometimes I think they would appreciate my candor and take it in the way it is intended.  Then I blog an episode, read what I have written, and immediately delete because I worry it will get out by accident and I’m waking up with a horse head in my bed.  I clearly watch way too many gangster themed movies.

I have so much to say about Renee, Drita, Carla, Ramona, Big Ang, Love and Karen. The thing is, these girls will cut a bitch.  I’m a tough broad and I have no fear when it comes to speaking my mind and sharing my feelings, but they are out of my league.  I could write a warm and fuzzy blog about how fabulous they all are but that would be a lie.  They are not all fabulous, and one could argue there is a skank or two in the bunch.

These chicks are rough and tough.  They are also loyal, kind, and in the end women with feelings.  No matter if you are a Jewish blogger from California, or a Catholic mob wife from Staten Island, we are all women, mothers, daughters and friends.  Our hearts break the same, our tears sting the same, and our dreams for our children to have lives better than our own are the most important thing.  Turns out we all have a lot in common.

These women are not afraid to be themselves and say exactly what they are thinking.  They appear to not be afraid of anything.  Even in their fights, they remain cool headed and clear.  To be clear, they are violent, but they stay on task and hold their own.  I wish I was more like that. I have balls when it comes to standing up for myself, but the truth is I am afraid of a lot of things and I fake my tough girl attitude a lot of the time.

I wonder what scares these women because it would appear the answer in nothing. If I thought there was a chance they’d be scared of the Jewish blogger I might blog my way through this season in the only way I know how. Since that will happen when kosher pigs fly, I will simply say I am watching Mob Wives with you, loving every second, and reading their blogs rather than writing one.  These women are perfection and they are keeping it real.



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