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Just Want to Have Fun

By Michelle K. Wolf

1 day ago

“What are your hopes and dreams for your adult son?” the physical therapist asks at the Medical Therapy Unit as part of an annual review. I hate this question. Doesn’t every parent want... read on

  • Come Together Right Now: A Celebration of Community

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    1 week ago

    The steady rain didn’t dampen the high spirits of families at Camp Max Straus in Glendale last Sunday during The Jewish Federation’s Community Service Day. More than 200 children, teens and adults with special needs, along with their siblings, parents and volunteers came together... read on

  • Why We Love Movies

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    2 weeks ago

    When you live in Los Angeles, you can’t really avoid the Academy Awards even if you want to. There’s been front-page stories on the Los Angeles Times, breathless and snarky predictions on social media, and multiple street closures days ahead of the ceremony.

    But even though we... read on

  • My Mom, Measles and Motherhood

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    3 weeks ago

    We were headed out for a fun Sunday at Disneyland a few weeks ago, and I realized that I didn’t really know if I had received the recommended two measles vaccinations as a child. I had recently heard that people born before 1957 had mostly likely been exposed to measles, or had the... read on

  • Enter Talking

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    February 8, 2015 | 12:46 am

    “We know what we are, but know not what we may be”
    --William Shakespeare

    Ever since our son, Danny was first diagnosed with developmental delays 19 years ago, we’ve been working on encouraging him to speak and to use alternative communication systems such as picture cards, or... read on

  • Wanted: A Los Angeles Jewish family to be foster parents for a 13-year-old with autism

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    January 30, 2015 | 4:55 pm

    Yesterday, a friend of a friend posted about a sad local situation on Facebook: A 13-year-old Jewish boy with high-functioning autism is in foster care as a ward of the Court after the tragic loss of all of his family members over the last 2 years, most recently his mother who died... read on

  • “ Nothing About Us Without Us”: Self-Advocate Leader Ari Ne’eman Receives Ruderman Foundation Award

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    January 26, 2015 | 10:00 am

    When Ari Ne’eman was a student at a Jewish middle day school in New Jersey, he was asked to leave the program due to misunderstandings about the nature of his autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Today, at age 27, he became the second recipient of the prestigious Morton E. Ruderman... read on

  • Downton Abbey, The ABLE Act and A Self-Advocate at #SOTU

    By Michelle K. Wolf

    January 19, 2015 | 11:00 pm

    My favorite fictional character on the PBS Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey is Lady Mary Josephine Crawley, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham and his American Heiress wife. I admire her intelligence, strong will, and most of all, her ability to bounce back after... read on

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