Jewish Journal

Resolutions for the Special Needs Parent

by Michelle K. Wolf

January 1, 2014 | 11:59 am

1) I will not roll my eyes when someone suggests a new, bizarre untested treatment or costly vibration machine to help improve our son’s (pick one) focus/balance/artistic ability. They care enough to make the suggestion and that’s all that matters.

2) When a stranger asks me if I have kids, I will answer with a smile and say, yes, they are both great young adults at ages 19 and 22 without providing any other back story or mentioning special needs

3) I will encourage Danny to take more steps to independence such as putting on his own shirt, even if takes him four times longer than if I do it myself

4) I will not clench my teeth while filling out yet another intake form and answering endless questions about “tell us about your child’s strengths and weaknesses” but instead, will have a light beer close at hand

5) I will squeeze in at least 30 minutes of moving around every day even if I have to march around in the kitchen while listening to Danny’s favorite Hebrew kids holiday songs blasting from the iPod speakers.

6) I will pay more attention to my own health, floss twice a day and finally get serious about doing something about my bunions

7) I will read novels that have zero references to characters with special needs, disabilities or chronic diseases


8) I will figure out a better way to respond to colleagues’ use of the word “retarded” to refer to their non-operative phone than by getting pissed off and glaring at them

9) Instead of worrying about Danny’s future, I will actively work to bring about new residential and community options in Los Angeles

10)  I will stop procrastinating by going on Facebook when it’s time to write my weekly blog post for Jews and Special Needs!

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