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Shimon and Arthur—RIP

By Mark Paredes

May 31, 2012 | 12:32 am

I would be remiss indeed if I did not take this opportunity to note the recent passing of two important figures in the LA Jewish community, both of whom I had the honor of knowing.

Gen.... read on

  • Shavuot and Mormons

    By Mark Paredes

    May 28, 2012 | 12:04 am

    But thus saith the Lord God: O fools, they shall have a Bible; and it shall proceed forth from the Jews, mine ancient covenant people. And what thank they the Jews for the Bible which they receive from them? Yea, what do the Gentiles mean? Do they remember the travails, and the... read on

  • Jews say no to online porn; Mormons applaud

    By Mark Paredes

    May 22, 2012 | 1:50 am

    The speakers at Citi Field said that if improperly used, the Internet can destroy families, with gambling, pornography and other addictions. But mostly, surfing the Internet is a colossal waste of precious time young people could spend working or studying. – Rabbi Gershon... read on

  • Gay rabbis, God’s will, and Conservative Judaism

    By Mark Paredes

    May 14, 2012 | 12:42 am

    But as for thee, stand thou here by me, and I will speak unto thee all the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which thou shalt teach them, that they may do them in the land which I give them to possess it.

    Ye shall observe to do therefore as the Lord your God hath... read on

  • The Book of Mormon in Hebrew—A Labor of Love

    By Mark Paredes

    May 7, 2012 | 9:33 am

    On this blog I occasionally profile people whose work should be known by both Mormons and Jews. When I heard that there was a rocket scientist in Alabama who is working on a Hebrew translation of the Book of Mormon, I knew that I had to find out more. By day Tom Irvine analyzes shock... read on

  • Korban and Mormon missionaries

    By Mark Paredes

    May 6, 2012 | 12:57 am

    In a recent article in the Jewish Journal, Professor Jonathan Zasloff proposed that young Jews be encouraged to perform two years of “korban” (tikkun olam, or community service) after graduating from college in order to draw closer to God through altruistic service. There is much... read on