Jewish Journal

Red Lines

By Mark Paredes

May 31, 2010 | 1:51 am

Who is not a Jew? That was the question on my mind last week as I reflected on the legacy of Moishe Rosen, a man who brought more heartache to Jewish parents than anyone in a generation.... read on

  • Mormons, Jews and Immigration

    By Mark Paredes

    May 28, 2010 | 12:44 am

    While standing outside the Grdešić family homestead in Golek, Slovenia last fall, I reflected on my great-grandmother’s departure from the six-family village more than a century ago on a one-way journey that would take her and her husband-to-be to the small Slovenian community in... read on

  • Are Mormons Zionists?

    By Mark Paredes

    May 26, 2010 | 1:46 am

    an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel

    After speaking to a bright, enthusiastic group of Mormon college students last year in... read on

  • A Great Miracle

    By Mark Paredes

    May 24, 2010 | 11:57 am

    While shopping for gifts at the Mitzvah Store a few months ago, I had the good fortune to run into Elaine Hall, the bubbly, charming director of Nes Gadol (“Great Miracle”), an innovative program at Vista Del Mar that provides religious education for autistic children. As the proud... read on

  • Hands Down

    By Mark Paredes

    May 21, 2010 | 10:31 am

    Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s royalty checks are about to get bigger. He invited me to speak with him at his Synagogue for the Performing Arts a few years ago, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. His books “Words That Hurt, Words That Heal” and “Why the Jews?” (co-authored with Dennis... read on

  • Antidote for Apartheid

    By Mark Paredes

    May 18, 2010 | 4:42 pm

    I don’t know how many non-Jewish organizations at Columbia held a Passover seder this year, but the
    LDS Institute did.  With Israel Apartheid Weeks observed amid calls for boycotts, sanctions,
    and divestment targeting the Jewish state, it’s increasingly difficult to be a Jewish... read on

  • Latter-Day Philo-Semite

    By Mark Paredes

    May 17, 2010 | 3:36 pm

    “There are no people in the world who understand the Jews like the Mormons.” —Prime Minister David Ben Gurion

    ”The Mormons are our brothers; the Christians are our kin.” —Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    It happened again this week. While waiting for a performance to begin at the Broad... read on