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Good relations slaughtered?

Pavel Pustelnik

July 16, 2013 | 10:55 am

The decision to ban ritual slaughter in Poland threats causes upheaval both domestically and abroad. The fragile relations between the Polish Jews and Poles are again put to trial.

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  • Jewish City Pass- new opportunity for tourists in Krakow

    Klaudia Klimek

    June 15, 2013 | 11:16 pm

    Jewish City Pass is a booklet with a list of places like restaurants, cafes, hotels, institutions and shops who have prepared for visiting Krakow and Kazimierz district tourists and who will be offering special discounts on their services. With just one booklet and it's unique... read on

  • The Continuing Mystery of Bruno Schulz

    Ian Shulman

    June 15, 2013 | 11:12 pm

    The great writer and mystifier Bruno Schulz left a plethora of puzzles, myths and hidden chambers in two thin booklets of essays. However, one of his lesser-known and most challenging riddles was forgotten under a thick layer of paint in one of the former villas of Drohobych.

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  • AJC Access and AJC Global Forum 2013

    Przemek Dudek

    June 15, 2013 | 11:10 pm

    AJC Access and AJC Global Forum 2013 - (Inter)Faith in Jewmanity restored Two interconnected conferences organized by the American Jewish Committee in Washington D.C. at the turn of May and June 2013 have come to an end. Like many other events of that class and prestige they... read on

  • Yiddish yesterday, today and tomorrow. Interview with Thomas Soxberger

    Ian Shulman

    April 18, 2013 | 1:25 am

    Thomas Soxberger was born in 1965 in Lower Austria. He moved to Vienna to study History and Jewish Studies. In the early 1990s Thomas participated in Yiddish Summer Programmes in Oxford. 1998-2000 - Master Degree in Yiddish Studies at London University. After moving back to London,... read on

  • Those that went mad at dawn!

    Michał Zajda

    April 18, 2013 | 1:23 am

    Today is April 10th … a significant date for Polish people, being another anniversary of the Smoleńsk catastrophe, which some call an assassination. I have no intention of debating here, what happened there that day, since I am not an aviation expert and was not present at the... read on

  • “Polish assholes” in Auschwitz

    Jewrnalism reporter

    April 18, 2013 | 1:15 am

    Finally, we got to the March of the Living. A group of young Jews from several cities in Poland who decided to take part in this enormous and powerful way of remembering the ones who perished in the Shoah. We were accompanied by several non-Jewish people, life partners and friends... read on

  • March of the Living did not redeem itself

    By Klaudia Klimek

    April 18, 2013 | 1:07 am

    Everyone who knows me, knows that I like to participate in various trips, events and seminars organized by Jewish organizations. I always meet someone interesting, learn something useful and see a new place.  

    The March of the Living is one of the few events, which negates all... read on

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