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The Jewish people needed a land. What about the ones who need diaspora?

Dana Hadadi- Israel/ Europe

January 9, 2012 | 4:15 am

Heading to take part inWING - the winter event in Italy I had some doubts. I’m definitely not a fan of organizers playing crucial part in designing my experience, not so much my thing. I rather believe in the random events life brings as I follow my individual path. So, this is what I finally did. I know that forming a target question while being on a quest, automatically leads you to answers you initially wished for automatically. (We are curious creatures, but with a strong affiliation to be affirmed). My findings might be dependent somehow on my personal agenda. I’m just lucky to have assign myself with one.
The affirmation of my query involves three main players:

The first one is a young Israeli visiting Italy, a former soldier in the IDF serving in Hevron, who (as an insider) drew me a brand new picture of a complex state our country is facing, He was the first Israeli I met and I must admit that Jews of Israel are gradually detaching from the Jewish culture they left in the Diaspora, as long as they are bound to be the dominant majority of the greatest Jewish community known as Israel. He holds this opinion as an educator of a critical historical Jewish movement which works in and outside Israel. (The movement of the 1st Kibbuzim)

The second is the vice-president of the Jewish community in Genova, working hard to keep his community alive. He described the Israel-Diaspora connection as inevitable in the utopic state to which we should aspire, with Jews contacting other Jews all over the world without boundaries or statuses. (He declined the definition I was trying to label him with- as a socialistic one).

The last, is a very famous Jewish Italian actor, who was accused many times for being a radical lefty, or post-Zionistic. He gave me some very convincing phrases out of our sources to prove, we are obliged to remain in the “Galut” in order to call ourselves Jews, as the Jewish people have no materialistic land, and they are bond in spiritual sense. Once you establish artificial tools to claim this spirituality out of its citizens,  the structure formed absurdly negates all its essence.
Maybe I wanted to come out with these answers. Maybe answers I got from Israeli students I met here, who came to study I heard, but they didn’t satisfy me.
Does it mean I’m against Israel? Israel is my creator, and my only homeland forever.
Nevertheless, I’m proud to have grown a sense of confusion about its concept.

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