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Jews against Russia

Ian Shulman

March 25, 2012 | 3:10 pm

If you are curious to get a glimpse of a true Medieval xenophobic rage, you are kindly invited to google ‘Russia elections Jews’ (in Russian, of course). Hundreds of blog posts, YouTube videos, forum discussions and more are willing to disclose the ‘true’ background of the recent presidential and parliamentary elections in Russia. The credibility of the story is rather doubtful: the Jews are back once again to destroy the peace and stability of the country by preventing Vladimir Putin from becoming the president for the third time. Together with vicious democrats and liberals from the EU of the USA Jews are threatening the prosperity of Russia by infusing their false values and putting the Russians on the knees. No alarms: this is not an officially stated opinion of the government and not even an opinion of the majority. However, there is an existing substantial group of Russian society strongly believing in the Jewish conspiracy.

This is not unusual at all, and not only because such trends were arising in Russia regularly for different political occasions. The fact is that many famous personalities of Jewish origin were involved in attempts of providing fair elections, equal chances for all the candidates and all other actions in favour of justice. Oppositioner Boris Nemtsov is marching with thousands of protesters through the streets and squares of Moscow demanding the cancellation of elections’ results; actors, authors and showmen are recording boycotting video-messages, twittering, facebooking, blogging to transfer the message. Finally, legendary oligarch Boris Berezovsky is supporting the initiative from his today’s home in London, almost like Emmanuel Goldstein from Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

The situation hardly sounds surprising. Jewish people were almost on the side of change in Russia; needless to recall Leon Trotsky and his partners Kamenev and Zinovyev as well as some Jewish roots of Vladimir Lenin. Jewish people inherited a unique legislation system, but unfortunately had a very short time to use it on their own land. Another distinguished trait of Jewish people is their incredible and unexplainable, almost masochistic love to the lands they are inhabiting. It seemed to be an insider’s mission: quietly fighting for the liberation and prosperity of this hostile, foreign, but still as dear country. Obviously, this mission is far from being accomplished.

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