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Jewish Movie Meetings in Krakow, Poland- George Weidenfeld closer

Katarzyna Odrzywołek from Poland

November 3, 2011 | 2:45 pm

Center for Jewish Culture photo: K. Odrzywołek

On 20th October at 6p.m as a part of Jewish Film Meeting in the Jewish Culture Centre on Cracow`s Kazimierz, Meiselsa St the film about George Weidefeld was shown. Georg Weidenfeld, the one that survived the Holocaust - a German patriot, sionist, conneaussour of women and opera is also one of the most admired British publishers and an influential politician . Founding the Israel as well as re-uniting og Germany would not be possible without him.

The film was made in 2009, directed by Stephan Reichenberger,  and the basis was written by Mathias Dopfner. They together managed to created a genial image of this incredible man. During the film George Weidenfeld is telling the story of his life to a long year friend, Mathias Dopfner. The way he does it awakes admiration and liking. The film is rich in retrospections, the heroes thoughts as well as in the comic moments. To prove the last one we can quote the journalist that asked him if anyone- apart of his mother - took care of him. Yes, was the answer. I had a nunny, she was a country whore and when my partents left she used to meet with her lover and closed me in my room.

We meet Georg Weidefeld during his journeys to London, New York, Tel Awiw, Vienn and Berlin. His stay in these town is rich in events - business talks, visits to opera, hotels, restaurants and meeting his friends. Watching the film gives you the feeling of intimacy and youn get more and more surprised while watching the film. You will understand why when you read questions below .

If you want to learn

1. What deals did he make with the nazi during his studies ?

2. Why is he a fan of Richard Wagner, the most antisemitic composer in the history of music?

3. How could organize last minute escape from Vienna and survive the Holocaust and what role a controversial Kurt Weldehim played in his life ?

4. What did he do in the BBC department of propaganda and information and why 25 million of Brits listened to him for 40 seconds ?

5. How did he make his fortune ?

6. What was he doing in Israel accompanying the first state`s Prime Minister Chaim Weizman ?

7. What does he do in the House of Lords ?

8. Why do the most important politicians come to his birhtday parties ?

9. How does he manage to find devoted enemies ?

10. What is his receipe for being young at the age of 90 ?   


This is a really must-see film that will tell you the answer for all above questions, but still you would find it difficult to believe in what you have heard. The story behind the one of the most influential person in the world is a really surprising one.

Moreover, the film is made in an excellent, precise way. It is full of scenes from the world we do not know much about, enriched with opinions of the people for whom Weidenfeld is a symbol and example to follow -  the man who brought to agreement of many and made the contemporary world look different. 


Don`t waste yout time - see it !


The film was shown thanks to: Jewish Association CZULENT, TSKŻ Kraków, Jewish Motifs Film Festival

Katarzyna Odrzywołek for Jewrnalism Poland

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