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Monika Opalińska

March 24, 2012 | 2:58 am

Natural resources were always for Africa the biggest blessing but at the same time the most devastating curse. For many hundreds of years Europeans were colonizing African land and getting profits from its wealth as well as forcing aboriginal population into slavery. The second half of the twentieth century raised hope that after reaching independency the situation of the African countries will change for better. However, it wasn’t about to happen, not at all. 

Nowadays Africa is mostly governed by dictatorships. Still, African people cannot fully benefit from their goods just for themselves. Africa has many opportunities in the economic field to join the leading and outstanding world potentates. Despite the wide range of natural resources Africa has the most important resource, that is young and ready to work people who want to and intend to explore the whole continent. However children usually do not have the chance to grow up in loving and caring families that could shape them into the strong minded society. Instead of books they too often are given guns…

One of the most horrific examples, not the single one though is the Lord’s Resistance Army – the rebel group of Joseph Kony that since 1987 “stole” around 30 thousands of children. What’s really startling is that young boys are forced to kill with cold blood even the members of their own families and girls are turned into sexual slaves.
This appalling ordeal of breaking human rights and barbarous abusing of children lead to make 30-minute advocacy film created by a nonprofit organization called Invisible Children. Movie’s raising popularity gave the idea to start Kony 2012 Action.

Nowadays It happens to disturb the minds of not only thousands but already millions of people. This thrilling story stays in hearts and wakes conscience so strongly that each day the number of the people involved in the action grows every minute. In the action the most important role play the social internet sites. The very similar situation took place during The Arab Spring, when members of this venture were also using the same ways of communication through the net. Living in the twenty first century people have a great possibility to spread this information all over the world. The main goal of this campaign is to make the issue visible to the eyes of the nations. Hopefully it will bring to justice one of the most atrocious criminal.

The worldwide action shows that when people work as a group they can create a very powerful voice. It raises hope when it can be heard that many famous celebrities, politics and businessmen are joining this action. Many organizations and communities are already involved in the movement and bring on the fame for Kony’s video.

I owe the knowledge about Joseph Kony and this story to “Jewrnalism project”. To be honest if the leader of the group Klaudia Klimek hadn’t posted the video on the facebook, I would never know about this formidable situation. It only proves how great influence and power has the voice of all communities. Especially when it can be derived from such an experienced nation as Jews who keep on trying to help other countries fight with the atrocities of the human race.

I believe that young open minded and full of energy people that connect into groups can become a meaningful strength that will manage to change the world and make it a better place. We all should be concerned about other people’s life and future. We can ever let neither African nor any other children to grow up in fear about their own life. It’s the duty of all the people in the world to provide help in building safe and fair environment for future generations.

So let’s not only stop for a moment and think about how devastating that is but also start doing something about it! Even if it will be only getting the Kony 2012 Action kit and donating a few dollars for the campaign it will still mean a lot for those children who deserve better future and life in a world free of violence and atrocities.

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