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Iran-  voice of a citizen from Israel

Dana Hadadi Israel

February 20, 2012 | 6:38 am

Why protesting won’t work?
Besieged by international sanctions over the Iranian nuclear program, including a planned embargo by Europe Iran warned its 6 largest European buyers to act first- cutting them of Iranian oil. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the era of bulling Iran about its nuclear program was over. Protesting against their nuclear intentions is not something they are intimidated by.
Where will it go wrong?
Boycotting Iran has a negative effect on people’s mind, since everyone knows Israel and USA own nuclear technology already, and preventing this technology from an Islamic-Arabic country is perceived as aspiration for domination by the other side.
In the world of 2012 real war ends with the public opinion.
How could it get even worse?
Israel, a nuclear weapons state, regards Iran as threat to its existence and hints at the possibility of a military strike on Iran’s facilities, and already pointed to 4 Iranian scientists. An attack on Iran, off-course will victimize and justify the already existing point of view on the Arabic world on the Western world. (Christian and Zionistic)- Could trigger recursion of the entire-Islamic world to a war against it.
What could be done?
Drop the nuclear threat approach, and start speaking about the influence of Iran on the world politically. Destroying Israel is a political tool by Ahmadinejad to show superiority of the Shia where the Sunni failed. This is a crucial step in becoming an empire.
The world should talk to the Arab-world with this perspective- preventing from this to happen- by encouraging the free minds in Iran and the opposition. Supporting Iranian immigrants in Europe, and let them unite and solve the problem from their side – to take down this leader without external active interference.
No real Islamic would like the scenario of Ahmadinejad to take over the world to happen- Iranian themselves fell he’s bad publicity for them too.
When it’ll happen people will go out on the street dancing, because the nature of human kind is targeted to the wish to be free. 
Sanctions won’t make Iran to stop working for nuclear weapon, and for sure we wouldn’t be able to save ourselves if we’ll start a war.

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