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In search of the thirty percent …

by Klaudia Klimek

February 8, 2013 | 1:49 am

According to recent studies by the Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) a third of Polish people hate Jews! But research from the same source clearly shows that animosity toward them has decreased. A study conducted in 1993 showed that Jews were the most disliked nation, indicated 51% of those polled. What is encouraging however is that sympathy toward them is steadily increasing, currently at 28%.

Of course this is only statistical data, but unfortunately it does reflect social attitudes in a significant way. I was perusing so-called „independent” websites - meaning those where writing drivel is allowed, while calling upon the good of the Fatherland - when I encountered a tekst by Stanisław Michalkiewicz. He writes, „A form of social organization higher than lineage is the tribe, that is a society which keeps the traditions of common ancestry. Many elements of this organization, tribal traits, are held by Jews – for example, their approach to matters of posession. The form higher than a tribe is nationality, or a society with a common language, customs, traditions and history – but one that is not politically organized, meaning it has not created a hierarchy.” For the layman, I will mention that according to Słownik Języka Polskiego (Polish Language Dictionary), tribalism is the remaining of past clan or tribe divisions and differences within national societies; also: a strong feeling of such separateness. Knowing the carefree writings of Mr. Michalkiewicz I did not feel offended in the least, because I have been reading his column for years and am used to these sorts of outbursts. Unfortunately, the essay was also broadcast on Radio Maryja, as an episode of the commentary series Thinking Fatherland (Myśląc Ojczyzna), which airs every Wednesday at 8.50 pm. I imagine the written word is often received by those more prone to reflection, whereas the „Voice from Toruń” (Radio Maryja) is heard in the houses of people with, let’s say, lower intellectual ceilings. When I realized this, I experienced an influx of associations...

On October 12th, 1939, Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny (the Illustrated Daily Courier) announced, under a telling headline – The Jewish matter internationally – that, „Foremost the Jewish nation of Judeans does not hold its own prototype – it is merely a tribe. [...] founding its existence and development on crimes and all sorts of wickedness.” Adolf Hitler, the führer himself, wrote in his enduring „opus” titled Mein Kampf that, „An authentic Aryan was most likely a nomad, only later settling, after some time – which proves that he was never a Jew! No, the Jew is not a nomad, because even nomads had a defined attitude toward work. Work was the basis of their further development, as long as needed, before they acquired the necessary intellectual properties. But the nomads acquired the ability to create ideals, therefore their concept of life may be alien to the Aryan race, but it should not be ignored. This concept was absent in the case of the Jew, who was never a nomad, he was a parasite on the bodies of other nations.” I will remind less informed readers, that Nomads are herdsmen and hunter-gatherers with a migrant lifestyle. Thus, what follows? Stanisław Michalkiewicz lists the characteristics of the Jewish nation, using rhetoric that is rather out of place for a cultured man. I do not suspect him of a lack of education, quite the contrary, and he is also one skilled with words, which I must regretfully admit is a rare quality these days. Racial outbursts do not suit you, Mr. Stanisław – they do not suit someone on your level.

Here I would like to review, for those who did not read or listen to the aforementioned column piece, the conclusions we find regarding „civil unions”, which according to Stanisław Michalkiewicz, „differ from families in the sense that their primary goal is to provide the participants with sexual services, and not produce offspring – the idea of family is meant to become blurred, to the point of complete loss of meaning. For „partnership”(civil union), especially with a large amount of wine, or other drugs, can be had with a goat even, especially when it has been promoted to the status of a ‘feeling creature’, and thus – nearly human”. This is gutter talk, which would not be unusual coming from the likes of prof. Krystyna Pawłowicz, who recently stated, that „Instead of terrorizing the public opinion, we should hold an open discussion and ask the Polish people, whether they wish to, at the cost of the Catholic society, ratify legislation equating the situation of homosexuals with the status of marriage, as a bond between a man and a woman, protected by article 18 of the Polish Constitution.” I have no intention of explaining to the readers, that these demonized civil unions are not a marriage, but simply a legal act allowing people to live in peace, and not only for homosexuals. But the professor does not know this, or wishes not to know...

Let us return to the main topic. I also found out that Mr. Stanisław would certainly be a proponent, as I conclude from the text, of the forming of a Polish equivalent to the Ahnenerbe Institute, a quasi-scientific German think tank created in 1935. Their rather complicated name, loosely translated to Study society for primordial intellectual history, German Ancestral Heritage, registered society. Ernst Schäfer, Wolfram Sievers, Bruno Beger and Herman Wirthn, employed there, occupied themselves with proving nazi theories about the superiority of the Aryan race, through studies in history, ethnography, anthropology and archeology. As I found out from the piece, digging through someone’s biography is morally acceptable, because „public opinion has a right to know, from what nest comes the Moral Authority, or the Beloved Leader. Nobility obliges – at least to revealing who your father was – as was once the custom in Poland.” Unfortunately, the hated „social circle of Gazeta Wyborcza believes that ‘the pure nordic type is clean even without soap’and would like to convince us that scrutinizing the family roots of public figures is somehow indecent.”

The above text does not advocate so-called Polish anti-Semitism, because such a thing does not exist! There is but only Polish stupidity, and I wish to note, that stupidity is a supranational phenomenon, transcending borders, and a common one. Stanisław Michalkiewicz in his column piece entitled „a poor imitation of nobility” transcended the limits of good taste and abused his freedom of speech, not in a legal sense, since that is arbitrary, but in an ethical sense. Ladies and Gentleman, one does not make Jews into a tribe or compare gays to goats... it stinks of the backwoods!

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