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Gay tourism in Tel Aviv given by Erez Bialer [VIDEO]

Dana Haddadi

January 21, 2013 | 12:53 pm

Photo from Youtube

Gay tourism in Tel Aviv given by:

Erez Bialer:
Role: Gay Branding consultant
Age: 29

ü  A Proud Israeli

ü  A proud Tel Avivian

ü  A proud Jew

ü  A proud gay single boy


    - At 2008, the year of the Tel Aviv's 100 anniversary the 'Cultural Pride Center' was established, in 'Meir Garden'.
    -On 2009 during a youth educational activity in the city's LGBT association house an un-known assassinate enter the house with a gun and manage to hit 8 young boys and girls- most of them under-aged; 2 of them were killed. The crime remains unsolved.
    - In 2010 Ministry of tourism with Tel Aviv city hall took the new marketing strategy considering Tel Aviv beaches (and bitches) to attract gays from all over the world, thus investing around 340 thousands Shekels on a pride oriented campaign. i.e. no more 'wailing' wall and other holly places.

     -In 2012, the most established well known Gay Party line of Brussels name 'La Demence', fixed Tel Aviv as the final destination of their pleasure cruise; By doing so, it has crowned Tel Aviv to be their Gay Capital.
Tourist have been said to give back to the city when here around 10 million… and they clame Tel Aviv feels like their home.

-First Transgender marriage service (civil i.e. without a Rabbi) took place this January in Israel for the first time;
    Same sex partners still cannot get married in Israel (Halachlically wise, which is state wise) and neither to bring together babies with a surrogate.

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