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From a woman perspective

Dana Hadadi

January 17, 2012 | 9:19 am

As a secular Israeli Jew, I see fears of the un-known minority dictate extreme measures, that to the naked eye might be perceived as liberal, but actually are violently depriving me natural interest of my own culture. (“Judaism is theirs and not mine”).
Many cases of governmental political actions drive me and my peers to shut-down to our Judaism due to scenes that sometimes are even provoked deliberately by the media.
(Pointing wars, not only sells more, but also deviates the mind away from serious issues like fare-well state and environmental dilemmas. Blaming the “strangers” for our misery is so old age it’s embarrassing.) 
As a woman, I find myself offended un-countable times by the same aggressive agents of the media, advocating gender equality via the individual story of 1 insanely stupid man, to tell the story of a community, when violating my rights constantly with images that, though well accepted, are disgraceful to me. (No, I wouldn’t be happier if I buy this boob operation, and please don’t ask me in a job interview when do I plan to give birth.).
When I come to march for the place of women in the world, I address first issues that bother me in the environment I live in, before I go and fix the Islamic society in Iran, or the ultra-orthodox society in “Me’ah She’arim”. My hero will fight for “outing” of the un-defined closets. It’s too easy to force outing to those who wear their differences loud and clear.
People choose to live in a community that respects their needs. It’s a basic expression of free will. Coming against habitants not fully comprehendible to us is just playing righteous.
Everybody’s looking to live in a neighborhood where they can practice their belief peacefully. (If it’s an artists’ community, vegans’ community or a scientific community).
I wish we would choose the material we consume brightly;
As I know plain simple sugar in big amounts can hurt my teeth, I also know-  too much graphical yellow ridiculous figures don’t nourish well my brain.

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