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Dana Hadadi Israel/Europe

March 12, 2012 | 5:16 am

In Brussels people come before governments,
and their portraits decorate the metro stations' walls.

Persistent to the idea of pursuing reflections that’ll will challenge my identity along this quest I’ve taken, I set down for the first night in Brussels at Moji’s place- a young video editor from Teheran. Later than night we went out to a real Carnival party, where Italians Russians French and Irish happy participants could be found dancing to Brazilian music that was followed by Hora and Kalinka. Differences of nationalities were so not an issue it was almost suspicious.
I think I’ve met my first Palestinian Face-Book friend in that party in Brussels- the capital of NGO’s and Erasmus. Back at the 60s’ it used to be coal mines that was the main city’s products; now it is pluralism.  Maybe it is due to the fact Eu’s capital is located there, the fact that the city is bi-lingual by default (most of the people I’ve met spoke more than 2 languages). Maybe it is because 2 dominant nations are forced to co-operate- for almost 2 years they couldn’t agree on a government, and yet the country functioned; This ‘no man’s land’- coming out as if it is -not owned by anyone- it portrays a significant impression of freedom. In Brussels people come before governments, and their portraits decorate the metro stations’ walls.

Why Tel Aviv is not Brussels?
I was accused by my friend to take Israel as granted when it comes to value how colorful it is. One would be stupid not to acknowledge the variety of origins people come from to Israel, but In Israel it is not considered yet as a blessing, but rather as a burden. I wouldn’t be so blinded to believe the Turkish boy will have the same opportunities as the Dutch in Brussels, but at least awareness for tolerance is way stronger. Belgium itself sent a call for Italians and Moroccans to come and work in its mines, so immigrants are a fact that it cannot ignore. While in Brussels, I accidently stepped into a welcoming shelter for illegal residencies on the street- in Israel’s news I needed to watch them cover the industry of cells facilities on the south as a solution to the critical problem of refugees. (instead of putting the money in health-care and education for example).

Weren’t we suppose to be “Or l’Goim’? (a sun to the other nations) What happened? How come the chosen people- who brought the book to the world are running behind on the race for the implementation of human rights?
Why does the Hegemony of Ashkenaz Jews still occupy the media, possessions and the elite status over other Jews, who were called (just like in Brussels) to join in the so-called mutual construction of our beloved land to revive it for all Jews wherever they are?
How do we manage our exclusive resource we are gifted with- a capital that it is sacred for 3 religions? And why only in Brussels I found a big Chinese super-market that does not lie in a heart of some Ghetto, but as another shop in the middle of the city?
My friends’ daughters are half Ethiopian Jews. They’ll share their bench in their school in Brussels with a native or an immigrant equally. When will I have it for my kids in Israel?

We are already a dominative nation after persecution of years. We made it. It’s grand. I’m a live evidence for it. We won. It’s time to take the prize and enjoy the fruits of the hard work. Leave the fears behind and take responsibility for our actions, instead of keep blaming the world for its stupidity. Let us be the leaders of the new voices, instead of escaping them.


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