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Dana Hadadi Israel/ Hungary

December 13, 2011 | 2:10 am

There’s something both confusing and exciting about taking part in a pioneer project. It concerns finding your place, your voice, your impact. The search… My name is Dana, and I’m addicted to the rush of new beginnings. Before I decided to add my personal opinion I have read four articles.

Let’s try it out and see how it goes.

Back in my beloved Jerusalem I took my first steps in the Israeli film industry, but much before I was an active writer and producer in the Tel-Avivian Fringe theater scene. I adore stages, the people standing on them, and the people who took the time out to gather for 2 hours in a collective experience of sharing some social signs of their culture, and exploring their humanity by their reactions to what is presented for them on stage. Signs such as musical notes, a mixture of colors, a sense of humour.

Coming to Budapest I stepped out of my own individual artistic isolation to face the existence of a community. Some eye brows could rose up here: You? An Israeli? Never experienced a sense of a community in the land of all Jews? That’s right. Cynical as I was when I was initially introduced to the concept, it attracted me strongly. And my God, what a wonderful surprising breath-taking life change it was. Could you believe, a very large percentage of my generation is not aware at all of the beauty of the Jewish cultural life in the Diaspora? Most of us are sure that after the Holocaust there’s nothing as the Jewish life in Europe.

Finishing one fantastic year with my new educators in Budapest, I couldn’t just go back to where I was without the need for more. This new tool- a new set of eye-glasses to observe the strongly rising Jewish world with amazement and respect together with my old skills: writing, producing and editing, I bring now together to ease my addiction’s craving for new projects by going out on a journey of searching for the most basic human need to define your culture- laughter.

I start my Journey in Budapet, then Milan, Italy and Poland. I watch local Jewish comedians giving a show in their own language to their own local public about their Jewish lives. I will go on with my journey as long as you will actively support it: Invite me to see your local Jewish comedian with his show; if he/she is a non-professional performer funny friend, you could organize a meeting at home.
My goal is to put together a first remarkable mosaic repertoire demonstrating your community’s culture in its greatest form: Jewish Jokes.
This will be the base of a friendly competition. Candidates’ shows will be uploaded to the web, and the winner will get to go to Jerusalem and perform there in English.
Your main goal is to make me laugh.
My idea is to come with open mind and arms to experience your culture.

* You will be responsible to give translation in sub-titles to the videos I’ll produce.

Please write me: dana_had@hotmail.com; or find me on FB as Dana Int.
  Looking forward to meeting you.

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