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When The Hubby’s Away

by Mihal Levy

December 23, 2009 | 2:00 pm

When the hubby’s away, it’s the little things I miss most.

It is the things I don’t think about until he is gone.  (And he was gone for three weeks, so I had plenty of time to think about it.  He is often gone and on the road as a professional guitarist…but some things you just never get used to.  (I guess that is a a good thing in this case.)

So, I have compiled a list of the things I have missed:

1) Showering with the door closed and not having to worry about where my three year old son is at all times, or if he has decided to open the front door…again.

2) Sleeping in.  Although this does not happen often and is quite rare, in fact.  Even the odds of it happening are appealing when Hubby is home.

3) Leaving the house sans son and small suitcase each day filled with essentials including a water bottle, a juice box, goldfish crackers, a children’s cliff bar and thirty or so of my son’s favorite Disney cars, which can really weigh a bag down.

4) Having someone else be the “bad” guy sometimes as well.  “Mommy, you always say no.”
“Go ask Daddy, he will probably say the same thing.”

5) Quick excursions away to important places like the grocery store and Target are shorter and cheaper.  “Ok, we will stop at the Toy department when we are done and you can pick something out.”

6) The reassurance that I am not losing it when I think I am.
“What do you expect, Honey.  Of course you are going to burn the macaroni and cheese.  You can’t make it while you are writing, building a lego pyramid, answering calls and folding laundry at the same time.  You can’t do everything!”
“I can’t?”

7) Having my two favorite guys in my bed; a big one and a little one.  (Because when Dad comes home, it is hard to for my son to go back to his own bed.)

8) Help with the heavy-lifting (see previous post: “Mr. Rogers Never Lived in My Neighborhood” about unhelpful neighbors).  And someone to remind me that I do not need to lift all eight bags of groceries at once.

9) Daddy is there to put the racetrack he got for Hanukkah together, when Mommy can’t figure out what goes where.

10) To pick us up when we are stranded and stuck on the way to Disneyland, having to hitch a ride home with chatty Tony the tow-truck driver, ex-cop. (See previous post: “The Happiest Place On Earth Is Not.”)

It is also good to have Hubby home for obvious reasons, as well, but these are a few that stood out.

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