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What We Sang At Camp Doesn’t Have To Stay At Camp; A CD Review

by Mihal Levy

May 3, 2010 | 11:30 am

From the creators of the Oy Baby (Jewish songs) and That Baby DVD/CDs (secular songs) comes a new CD.  With CDs and DVDs usually geared toward your young child, now there is one with the parent in mind: We Sang That At Camp; Songs Remembered From Jewish Camp.

The CD may or may not have you running to roast marshmallows while singing along, but may in fact remind you of those days when you were eyeing the camp counselor playing his acoustic guitar as you sat around the fire, or maybe it is just me. 

We Sang That At Camp includes a mix of Hebrew and English songs including “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” “Ba Shana Haba’a,” “Ma Tovu” and more.  However, only a few of the songs took me back to my camp days (or BBYO days); either I went to a different summer camp or I just don’t remember most of these songs - again, maybe because I paid attention to the camp counselor and not the music he played. 

Both my son and I have been fans of the Oy Baby CDs and DVDs since he was an infant.  We received the first one as a gift and bought the next two.  We often sang along in the car or at home while watching the DVDs.  Now you can sing some of the old camp “standards” and less Lady (What’s Her Name) Gaga and Jonas Brothers with your children.  And hopefully they like the songs that you once did.  Why wouldn’t they?




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