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Mom’s Apology

by Mihal Levy

February 4, 2010 | 3:12 pm

I feel that I owe my son an apology for yesterday.  Although I didn’t do anything major as far as things go that merit apologies, I still feel I owe him one.  (Yes, I will read it to him.)  So here it goes: 

First off, I apologize for getting up after you, whipping up a quick breakfast of instant oatmeal and chocolate milk, only to lay back on the living room couch and doze off for a few minutes more while Handy Manny on the tube kept you company.

Then to make matters worse, when I got up I took an extended shower (although I did jump out several times to make sure you and Handy Manny were ok - even though our carpet was not - drenched from my sporadic leaps out of the shower).  Of course I had to make up the time I lost under the shower head.  I thank you and Handy Manny for your patience, and I apologize.

I am also sorry that after the shower I needed to fold and put away yesterday’s laundry that covered my bedroom floor in baskets.  It probably would have sat around longer - if you and I weren’t out of clean clothes.  The good news is you and I both were out of our pajamas before noon.

I also want to apologize that by this time, it was time to start preparing lunch.  But first, I had to empty the dishes and reload the dishwasher with dirty ones.  I know you really wanted to go to Universal Studios today (again with our annual passes) and that was the plan.  I was trying to get things done as fast as I could, but during and after lunch I had to return a couple of calls and emails for work and ended up chatting for a little bit too long.

I also apologize for the time I spent on Facebook, but it was look-your-name-up-on-urbandicitionary.com day and I couldn’t help but be curious about my own name.  Who knew that “Mihal” without a “c” meant - “one who eats butterfly wings?”  But, I digress…again.  By the time I was done eating butterfly wings and Facebooking (no, I don’t really eat butterfly wings…I’m a vegetarian), it was getting late.

It was already well after four o’clock and you were content playing with your Leapster - I didn’t want to interrupt and figured I could use this time to finish up a story that I was working on.  And after all, at this point where would we go?  Universal Studios closes at six.  And it is almost time to get dinner ready, bath and bed time.

So, please please forgive me for yesterday and/or other days that end up that way.  I don’t mean for them to, they just do.  I apologize and I hope you can and will forgive me.  I promise to take you to Universal Studios today…if it doesn’t rain and just as soon as I finish writing this. 

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