Jewish Journal

Letting Go

by Mihal Levy

September 25, 2009 | 8:42 pm

Letting go is so much easier when you are lying on a butcher paper covered table, and stuck with needles.  Why is that?  I can let go at my Acupuncturist’s office, but in the real world, things weigh heavy on my heart.  Maybe I should take the needles to go?  I even asked.  She said it is illegal, but the good news is…it is completely legal in Japan.  Why are things that make us feel good illegal here?  Just a thought.  Maybe a move to Japan is in order.

As I lay on the table with needles all over me (thank God there are no ceiling mirrors so i could see just how great I looked), I thought about letting go, which probably only makes it all the more difficult to actually let go.

I let go of anger or grudges I have held towards people that have hurt me, my husband and my son this past year.  I let go of trying to figure out why people hurt one another in general. And when I did (and just stopped thinking, in general), all was calm.  Well, the scented eye mask and tranquil music probably helped, not to mention the fifty or so needles in my arms, legs and who knows where else, as well.

I was hoping I could take my new attitude out the door sans needles.  I made it to the car and still felt great.  So far, all was not lost.  I realized that letting go of my perceptions and expectations of others or how I think things should really be (my way, of course), made a difference in how I felt.

It doesn’t change the way things really are, just how I perceive them.  Lesson Learned: Letting go doesn’t come without a price.  And a hefty price left at the Acupuncturist’s.  But, well worth it.


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