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In Between

by Mihal Levy

January 18, 2010 | 2:30 pm

I am starting to believe it is the in-betweens that count.  It is in-between when moms get it all done. 

The in-betweens are what it is all about.  Those moment, hours, days or years where you are waiting for that “magical” thing to happen or just waiting in general.  It may even be the few minutes you grab while sitting in the car outside of grandma’s house stealing a few more moments for yourself before you pick up your son.  Or the drive back from Disneyland (which never happened) in a tow truck with your son that he enjoyed more than actually wanting to go to Disneyland.

If you are married, it is the in-between moments from adventure to adventure that make the ride worthwhile, like waiting for my car that has been in the shop for days.  Now I have to carpool and spend more time with my husband while we wait and run errands together.  Usually we are both off in their own cars, but the in-between time has actually been great and made me realize just how rushed we usually are.

If you are single, embrace the in-between time from date to date or relationship to relationship, no matter how uncomfortable or lonely you may feel.  Enjoy the time because before you know it, you will be on another bad date or good date and back to the in-between again, reflecting or ruminating on what just happened.

Even while waiting for a call from the producers of Glee for an audition (see previous post), though chances are slim…okay, not just slim, but anorexic; the mere fact that it could happen (when donkeys fly) is exciting and it is the anticipatory feeling in the in-between that should make it all more exciting.

It is also the in-betweens that we take for granted.  Sometimes the in-betweens are not so clear cut or pretty; transitions, changes etc.  The in-between can be filled with anticipation, anxiety, even pain or sadness, but remember, it is just in-between.

Enjoy the in-between no matter where you are headed, because you won’t even know until you get there.  Enjoy the in-between - I know I am while I wait for my audition call from Glee (okay, I slipped it in again).

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