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Glee, I’m Almost There

by Mihal Levy

August 6, 2010 | 11:00 am

A few weeks ago, I got one step closer to being/working on Glee.  (Ok, maybe not, but one can hope.)  I was a guest at Paley Fest’s “Inside The Writer’s Room” with Glee, only I wish I was actually sitting inside the writer’s room as a writer or on the show singing, or both, but I was happy to be there nonetheless.

The event took place at the Writer’s Guild Theatre in Los Angeles and was filled with guests (me), press (me) and fans (me).  (Do I get extra points for fitting into all three categories?)  I had the opportunity to meet Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan.  Now I can say I officially have almost met the entire cast and production team of Glee.  (You would think that would land me a position on the show…or not.)

The night was filled with lots of Glee highlights and inside the mind of the writers with lots of mingling afterwards, but looking back in retrospect there are probably a few thing I should’ve done differently that night:

For starters, I probably should’ve stopped smiling so much.  Perhaps I looked a bit overeager to work on Glee.  Maybe I even seemed stalker-esque when I practically sat on Ryan Murphy’s lap choosing the closest seat to him.  It was also probably not a great idea to take notes on my iPhone, giving the impression that I was updating my Facebook status every twenty seconds like most of the fans that were just happy to be there.  For one, I don’t even have a Facebook account - I just ran out of room on the small notepad I was using.

And lastly, the biggest thing I regret is not having talked to Brad and Ian as we waited outside the elevator in the parking lot afterward.  I tried, but couldn’t quite put a coherent phrase together in my mind - “I want to write for you.”  “I want to write for Glee.”  “I need to write for Glee.”  “I can also sing…” - it was too late.  Before I could get my thoughts together, the elevator doors opened.  They were still standing outside chatting.  I had to get in otherwise I would truly look like a stalker at this point.

“Have a good night,” was all I was able to mutter as I jumped in.  I don’t know if they said anything as the doors slid shut.  But you know what they say…where one door closes…

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