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Glee Don’t Leave Me

by Mihal Levy

June 15, 2010 | 11:30 am

After weeks and weeks parading around my living room with a spoon in hand as a microphone and singing at the television set every Tuesday night, I don’t know what to do now that Glee has ended…until next season.  What do I do now that Glee is gone?

I know I probably like Glee a little more than a mom should or someone at my age (over the age of thirteen, in general).  I had no choice other than to watch it, since I am not a fan of blood, vampires, or watching people stranded on an island (by the way - hasn’t that already been done - Gilligan? Professor?).  I am also not interested in watching overweight adults belittle themselves for camera time with a not so overweight woman in spandex talking down to them, nor am I interested in seeing has-been stars who can not dance but do so for a boost in PR.  Glee was the only thing left on television.  Ok, and it reminded me of my high school days in musical theatre.

I know Glee will be back, but just not soon enough.  How am I supposed to relive my uncomfortable high school days now without Facebook (see one of my previous posts about why I quit Facebook; The Status Update That Pushed Me Over The Edge) and Glee?  I could pull out my yearbooks, but that just wouldn’t be the same.

I will miss you, Glee; the auto-tuned remixes and mash-ups of old faves and new, the great singers and non-singers and dance numbers that remind me of my days in community theatre.  Now all that is left is a memory and anticipation for the next season.  I guess my Tuesday nights will involve making dinner now.  (No more take-out.)  I am sure my son will be happy as well; more DVD watching time for him - Tuesday night viewings of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars.”  But then again, there are always reruns on Thursday nights until next season.

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