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Glee: Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

by Mihal Levy

November 12, 2009 | 2:36 pm

What do you get when you take a girl born to an Italian-Catholic mother and one born to Jewish parents?  Lea Michele (“Rachel Berry”) and Dianna Agron (“Quinn Fabray”) from Fox’s hit Glee.

Lea Michele (Lea Michele Sarfati)‘s mother is an Italian-Catholic (her father a Sepharadic Jew) and Dianna Agron is Jewish.  Dianna Agron portrays a devout Catholic, head of the school’s celibacy club who actually gets pregnant, and Lea Michele portrays what we have stereotypically come to know and love as a Jewish American Princess. Guess you cannot judge a book by its cover after all.  Lea Michele even stated in interviews that she was shocked to land a lead role, as she was always told that her look was “too ethnic.”

On Glee they are rivals, but in reality the two are good friends and actually share an apartment together.

Glee has become a popular show lately, even among moms…at least the ones I know.  Maybe it’s because the ones I know were in some type of performance group in high school (myself included), and find this a great opportunity to laugh now, looking back in retrospect.  Maybe it is because we can all relate to that one singer that stood out from the rest, but only because she deemed herself the best singer, just like Rachel Berry.  Or maybe it is the fact that they break out in song and dance…the way life should be.

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