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Glee Audition Part II: Call Back

by Mihal Levy

January 22, 2010 | 2:00 pm

The Glee audition saga continues.  Wait, I have to submit a tape first before I actually get the audition.  Can we jump ahead to the Call Back?

If you read my recent story - “Glee Audition,” then read on.  If you haven’t yet, then let me catch you up to speed.

I am auditioning for Glee, blah blah blah, I was in many high school musicals.  (Note- musicals while in high school, not THE High School Musical, but it seems more impressive without this note, so scratch that.)  Even though high school was a while ago, I am still just as talented as I was back then, just slightly older and wiser, maybe even taller.  (OK, I exaggerate a little - I am probably the exact same height I was back then.)

So my saga continues.  The response has been great and overwhelming after my first Glee posting; with responses from my husband, my son (who is three and a half) and a friend or two.  (Hey, Rome was not built in a day - although when I was there it sure looked like it had been.  They couldn’t even rebuild the colliseum?  If it were Los Angeles that would have been a strip mall and later a Westfield mall.  Romans.)

Back to Glee.  I received emails, tweets, facebook messages and weird glances on the street after my story, (but don’t think the latter had to do with my story), by people cheering me on and giving me pointers for my audition and how to get in touch with the producers (who by the way, still have not called).  So, I thank you BOTH for all your great tweets, and emails etc.  (There might’ve been more than two, but I don’t remember exact numbers at this very moment.)

One out of the two that contacted me (they are both sisters, by the way) suggested a link with valuable tips for my audition tape (that I did not know I needed until then).  So, thank you!  The site is www.gleefan.com.  I wanted to make sure my audition video was up to par by Gleek standards, so I checked it out and now I am sharing.

Gleefan.com suggest 10 simple tips for the Glee Audition:
1) If you can’t sing, don’t bother.
Ok, of course I can sing.  Who can’t?  How do you think I get by with my renditions of childrens’ songs for my son.  I am not whistling them.  Especially, “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.  Clean up, Clean up.  Everybody do your share” is sung on a daily basis.  Multiple times a day, in fact.  If practice makes perfect, well then I guess it is safe to say that I am…you guessed it - PERFECT.

2) Put your best food forward.  Get a good amount of sleep the night before and spend a bit of time in front of the mirror.
Ok, this one is a little tricky for me and not quite as simple as the first one.  Is a good night’s sleep a pre-requisite?  I am usually up all hours of the night; writing, singing (slipped that one in), cleaning or ruminating about writing, singing, and cleaning and everything else I should be doing.  ANd if I am not up and get to bed at a decent hour, my son makes sure to keep me from having a full eight hours or twleve that I relaly need, by ensuring that those are the nights he has nightmares, needs water or just wants to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed (where we end up sleeping on the floor, as he sleeps diagonally, allowing us no room.  I take blame for that, though.  I should have bought a king sized mattress for the King in the first place.)  I am also the kind of person who runs past mirrors.  (I wish I was more like one of my facebook friends who loves posting pictures of herself in skanky positions and outfits just to show off her protruding chest area.  If I had that


self-confidence, I would be on Glee by now or actually Hustler magazine, according to her standards.) 

3) Pick a song that shows off your vocal range/ability.
How do I choose just one?  It ranges from the theme song to Dora The Explorer to O Mio Babbino Caro from my classical training in college (along with my psychology training, TV and Film classes and time spent as a little sister for a Jewish fraternity.)

4) Don’t Auto-Tune your audition tape.
I know that.  They will “clean it up” when it goes on air.  Duh.

5) Be age releveant.  (Age relevant is spelled wrong on their site, I wanted to leave it for authenticity.)
I do not look my age and often I am asked “You’re a mother?”  (But maybe that is because of the way I act and not what I actually look like - I never asked.)  Also, my son says, “Daddy’s a man.  Mommy is a firl lady, because you are a girl really.”  Sp, take it from a three-and-a-half year old - I am a “girl lady.”

6) Rehearse your audition.
What if one needs no rehearsal.  (OK, now I am taking on my Facebook-Hustler-Wannabee friend’s persona (see #2)  I have been rehearsing all my life for this.  Is that good enough, now it is time to perform.

7)  Be confident. 
(See #6)

8) Don’t be trashy.
(Seriously, these are the Gleefan tips.  I am not making them up.)
Glee is definitely not for my Hustler Facebook friend.  Phew, now I am finally glad I am not her.

9) Be informed.
That is why I am waiting for my call from the producers.  Won’t they inform me then?

10) Read the audition requirements VERY carefully.  (Very is capitalized on their site.)
I will - just let me audition and hand over whatever documents/waivers you want me to read and sign.  I’m easy.  (Not in the way you are thinking or the way my Facebook Hustler…yeah yeah, you get the point.)

Guess I will have to make the tape now or just wait for a personal call.  I will wait…just a little bit more and definitely keep you posted. 

I would say wish me luck, but that is not good luck.  Break a leg?  I don’t like the way that sounds.  An old friend from college’s older brother would say - “it is not about luck, it is about skill, so good skill!”
Good skill?  I would like to think that is what it takes to make it.

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