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Glee-ing; Audition Tips

by Mihal Levy

April 2, 2010 | 12:08 pm

My Glee saga continues as I prepare for the audition or contemplate auditioning…still.  Since I am too old to begin with (geez…who knew that 30’s was old?)  I am hoping that I will “get in” another way.  What that way is - who the heck knows?  Any suggestions?  Still wishing my fellow Gleeks who are auditioning -Break a leg!

The following tips to help you move up the pool o’ talent ladder in the audtioning process were taken from a private source (OK, who am I kidding - I made them up.)  But, if they work, let me know. 

Tips for your Glee audition:

1) Break a leg.  Literally!  Show up to the audition in a wheelchair - a second disabled person on Glee?  On crutches, perhaps.

2) If you are pregnant, that may get you extra points.  A second pregnant character perhaps?  A pregnant Cheerio aka Pregger-io.  (And no I am not pregnant, but if that helps get the part…)

3) Sing a really cool mash-up.  Ie:  I got a feeling by Balck Eyed Peas and Copacobana y Barry Manilow.  (Wait, don’t take that one -I may use it.)

4) Practice, practice, and practice being geeky or Gleeky by walking around annoying people and singing through the halls of your school, college, workplace, Synogogue or any hall for that matter.  For some, geekiness may come easy, for other it will be work.  Luckily, I have a natural knack, so I am good.

5) Wear a really short skirt with knee-highs to the audition like Rachel Berry.  (I’m sure many women have gotten their part by wearing short skirts.  Don’t quote me on this…but rumor has it - it can’t hurt.)  Maybe that’s why I haven’t “made it”.  Hmmmm…probably need to invest…maybe I will raid a school uniform store.  Target?

6) Know the show inside and out, so when you get to the audition there won’t be a doubt in the casting director’s mind that you are unfamiliar with their show.  Plus - you may just get the part for the pure fact that they are tired of hearing you talk about it.  Just to shut you up.  Either way, you win.

7) And if you get the part, mention me.  Start with “I have a really talented friend…”  In fact, even if you don’t get the part, please add “I know I didn’t get the part, but please consider my friend Jew Mama.”  And we’ll do lunch.

Break a leg and get your Gleek on…but don’t forget those who helped you along the way….like (*clearing throat*)...me.

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