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Found Mr. Right…Looking For Mrs. Right

by Mihal Levy

November 2, 2009 | 2:30 pm

I found my husband when I wasn’t looking, rather we found each other when we weren’t looking.  I know single people have heard this before and think it’s just some fairy tale conjured up by us marital beings, but it’s true.  When I stopped trying and just being, it happened.  And to my hubby, in Shania Twain’s words, “You are still the one…” but I’m dating other people, or at least that’s what it feels like.  Let me explain (just in case hubby reads this).

When I’m out doing mommy things with my son, I can’t help but meet other moms, all kinds.  We make small talk at the park and exchange important motherly knowledge, like the best times to come to the park to have the swings available, or which indoor playground to go to when the weather is not conducive for park outings.  We share a bag of Cheerios, string cheese, even a juice box and then…it is over, just like that.  We each go our separate ways, Cheerios and all.  I wouldn’t think much of it, except that it has become a habit - a series of one park stands.  And I can’t help but wonder after our rendezvous, is it me?  She didn’t even ask for my number?  Should I have taken hers?  And, I didn’t even know her last name. 

I thought I was done dating years ago when I said “I do.”  I have started to realize that this feels like dating, only this time it is with park moms.  My friends (I do have some) seem to suggest that maybe I just haven’t found the right one.  Just as I found my husband when I wasn’t looking, I hope to find “the one”...Mrs. Right.

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