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Exes, Pervs. & Estranged Relatives, Oh My!

by Mihal Levy

December 3, 2009 | 2:30 pm

Where can you find your exes, pervs. and estranged family members in one place?  Facebook.

It is not all that bad, or is it?  I don’t know how often I get a request from someone who is simply single and looking for someone to date.  Ok, no problem, right?  I just politely reject the person because I am married.  But what about the times that these people try to “add me” as a friend with comments about the size of one of my body parts (two parts actually) (that you could not possibly guess from a profile picture) or where they would like to go on a date (not describing a date at Starbucks anyway).  Now, even if I were single, I have to let these guys know…this strategy just does NOT work.  Am I supposed to be impressed?  Not really. 

Then there are the six-degrees-of-separation-suggested-friends that usually include an ex or estranged family member.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with “suggested friends” that you can simply choose to reject, nor is there anything wrong with befriending an ex on facebook, but what about the ones you just do not want to see and have long since forgotten until now…thank you facebook.  Maybe there should be a “seek therapy” button, in place of “block” or a “block anyone in this category, ie. estranged relatives or pervs” button.

Facebook has been both a blessing and a curse.  Reconnecting with people from my past and keeping up with family as well as old and new friends (the ones I care to keep up with), but when it brings up people that just remind us of what we choose to forget I just want to click “the end” on my facebooking.

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