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Becoming Mom

by Mihal Levy

February 3, 2010 | 3:05 pm

I do not believe that you become a mom just because you have a child.  The same way you do not become a grandparent becaue you have grandkids or an aunt or uncle because you have nieces or nephews.  One must earn their title.

It’s quite simple; you become a friend when you are worthy of that person’s friendship and time.  You become a boyfriend or girlfriend when you have reached that level in the relationship of mutual respect.  So, what makes it right to call mom “Mom,” just because she birthed you?

There are all kinds of moms in the world and after becoming one (I can only hope I earned my title, however) I have had the opportunity to meet plenty.  I have come across neurotic moms, busy moms, working mom, stay at home moms, holistic moms, religious moms, secular moms, self-absorbed moms, great moms, not so great moms and more.  (Of course it is subjective.)

Of all the moms I have met, it is the self-absorbed moms that get to me the most.  For me, it is an oxymoron, because once you hava a child, how is that even possible?  These moms prove however that it is still possible and have yet to wonder why their children (young or old) are not attached.  Of course this is subjective, but isn’t your child the best judge of character?

I can only hope I earned my title…only time will tell and I am sure my son will let me know as well.

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