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A Groupie After All

by Mihal Levy

February 15, 2010 | 12:28 pm

I never thought I would do it.  Join a group?  Not me.  Even a group such as Holistic Moms that goes against the grain (no pun intended) is still a group.  And groups are, well, just not my thing.  Once someone joins a group, there is no end in sight.  Then there are twelve steps, sponsors, and life long addictions to groups that well outweigh the initial addiction the person came there with in the first place.  Is there a “Groupies Anonymous?”  (And NO, I am not knocking twelve step programs or twelve-steppers in any way, shape, or form, just to clarify.)  As an ex-psychotherapist and group therapist, I guess I have developed an intolerance for “groups” or needing to become part of something to feel I belong, but even I caved in and joined a G-R-O-U-P. 

I joined the Holistic Moms Network.  (Now when I say I am going to “my meeting”...I can keep everyone guessing - “Is she an alcoholic, a drug user?”  No, just a mom - and a holistic mom now, officially).

I headed to my first meeting and knew I was in the right place as I pulled up to the Prius-filled lot.  I was glad that even though I did not own a Prius, at least I wasn’t pulling up in a gas-guzzling SUV or minivan.  I was hoping I was just holistic enough to join.  At that point, I thought I should’ve ridden up on a bike, instead, but hopefully they would not notice as I quickly got out of my car and headed inside. 

I had met a few moms from the Holistic Moms Network at an Eco fair a few weekends ago, and we hit it off…I was just hoping that these moms were just as cool.  And lo-and-behold, minus one mom who yelled at her kid as I headed up the parking lot (who as it turns out was not part of the group, but leaving the building the meeting was held in), all the mothers were great. 

I was happy to have found a group that thinks the way I do.  Now, my far-out ideas about knocking out “cookie cutter preschools” were not so far out.  And when I say I am eating a bacon cheeseburger, other moms understand that there is no bacon, cheese or even a burger in my sandwich, but merely “facon,” soy cheese and a veggie burger.  I found other moms that felt the same way and that I could actually share my Trader Joe’s Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with (besides my son and husband – they enjoy them as well).  Where have these moms been hiding?  Because they obviously don’t hand out at the same parks that I do.  I haven’t had any luck at those.  I must have been hanging around all the wrong parks.

So, all my attempts to avoid groups has proven me wrong.  Does that make me a groupie?  This is just the beginning…

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