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Twas the week before Passover

by Mrs. Shoshana F

April 16, 2008 | 1:13 pm

Being as it is the week before Passover, I barely have time to get the house ready, let alone write a lot of posts on this blog. So in the spirit of that, today’s post will be a short homage to the newbees. Those who will be hosting seder at their home for the first time.

My husband and I are really looking forward to opening our home to friends and family. This year it is our seder, our rules. It’s awesome.

We’re having seven - of course, our dining room table can comfortably accommodate six for a meal. We figure some card chairs will allow everyone top enjoy the meal at one table – no “kids table” for us! Our kitchen table will double as a buffet and all guests were told to come casual. It is bad enough having to eat matzah for eight days—no one should have to wear heels or a suit all night if they don’t want to.

Yesterday, I went to the party store for throwaway plates and bowls and plastic tablecloths. Amazingly enough – Party City does NOT have a Passover aisle. Although, if I wanted to have a Hawaiian or Vegas-themed seder, I could have gone that route.

To keep it nice, we’re using real silverware and glasses (I figure we should get some use out of those beautiful wedding gifts I was finally able to put away).

We’ll have a stellar menu: salad, cold egg soup, brisket, potato kugel, pineapple kugel, veggies, macaroons, candied matzah and fruit. Plus a lot of wine, some fun songs and a seder plate with room for an orange.

I managed to spend more than $100 on Pesach food – and that didn’t include the entrée that my grandmother is making. How can matzah be so expensive? It is flour and water. I can buy glue for under $1.

The cooking begins tonight. Provided all goes as planned, this evening our table will be set, our dessert will be ready and most of our lightbulbs will be replaced.

I don’t expect too much from the evening. Just family and friends eating, talking and throwing around some plastic frogs. Sounds like a perfect night!

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