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Still the one

by Mrs. Shoshana F

October 20, 2008 | 1:30 am

One year ago, there were fires in mid-October.
This year, there were fires in mid-October.

One year ago, we were planning to take a cruise.
This year we are planning to take a cruise.

One year ago I was single.
This year I am celebrating one year of marriage (this Tuesday to be exact).

In many ways my life has changed more than I could ever have imagined in the last 12 months. My world is now totally invested in someone else’s. We are the masters of our home. The decisionmakers. The ones who yell at the toilet paper fairy for not changing the roll. The ones who run out to 7-11 at 1 a.m. to get Tylenol and orange juice.

In other ways, my life is the way it ways before I was married: I still hang out with the people I hung out with, I still have “me” time, in addition to “we” time. I still have aliyahs during High Holiday services, only this time I am called up with my husband.

I have loved being a Jewlywed. I have loved sharing stories with everyone of our first year of marriage.

My husband and I have celebrated a lot of firsts as a married couple, and in the coming 100 years, we will be celebrating many more.

We are now, as our families lovingly call us, an “old married couple.”

To those Jewlyweds to be: Enjoy it. The ups and downs during your first year will bring you together – and make you stronger.

And it will make for great stories to tell your grandchildren one day.



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