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Queen for a day

by Mrs. Shoshana F

March 31, 2008 | 12:24 pm

I’m not a runner, but I did experience a sense of euphoria as I crossed a finish line this weekend: I finally put away all of our wedding gifts. I morphed from a newlywed into Shoshana: Queen of the Household.

Yes, it took more than five months, but, at last, the behemoth that had taken over our dining room and part of one of our bedroom is gone. All that remains is one box of china which, due to a lack of cabinet space – and based on how often we will actually be using it – will likely remain covered up in that box.

I hit my stride earlier this week.  We have our new hutch and buffet (which looked very empty), so I decided it was time to fill it with something. I looked at the stack of Crate and Barrel and Bed, Bath and Beyond boxes and thought: One box. If I can take care of one box, I’ll be happy.

One box turned into two, which turned into 10 and, suddenly, all of the beautiful pieces we had registered for were in our cabinet and not on the floor.

My father helped me break down boxes and take them to recycle, and he moved around some items in our kitchen that were beyond my height without the use of a stepladder.

This weekend, while my husband worked on a midterm for a certification class he is taking, I scrutinized the last of the boxes – the ones I knew would be the most time-consuming: The flatware, the spice rack and the five boxes of dishware.

I started with the dishes. I unpacked each box until the dining room table was covered with plates and bowls and mugs and shipping goods. I forgot how pretty that set was. I opened the door on the buffet and managed to – nicely – put every piece away.

Next stop: The flatware. Our buffet came with holders for all the pieces, which made things so much easier. But as I was in the middle of that, it occurred to me that we received nice serving, pieces, too. Which meant I had to straighten our silverware drawer, which was right next to the gadget drawer, which was right above the bigger gadget drawer. All of that, of course, meant that I had to take a 15-minute detour (but it was well worth it). I finished the flatware and counted: we have dishes for 12, but flatware for eight. Looks like a field trip to Crate and Barrel. Good thing we received a gift card.

A few hours later, we were back home and I had my set of 12.

The last box was the most interesting to assemble: jars, caps and spices needed to come together. Somehow we had two oreganos and were missing a basil – but otherwise it worked perfectly.

I then went back into my problem solving brain – which was so helpful while trying to seat all of our guests at the wedding:

- I had a large space to fill on the third shelf of the cabinet.
- I wanted the spice rack to be on the counter
- I had to move something that would fit
Solution: I put the canisters on the right; moved the cookbooks to the left and then had room for the spice rack in the corner.

My husband took a break from his midterm and I gave him a tour of our dining room and kitchen. He hi-fived me, hugged me, kissed me and said how proud he was.

Now it really felt like home, sweet home. It’s good to be the queen.

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