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All the time in the world

by Mrs. Shoshana F

July 21, 2008 | 9:56 pm

I have heard that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. I have no idea why that is a good idea. I guess it means a busy person will always find a way to squeeze in one more thing, while a lazy person wouldn’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be lazy.

I can attest to this quote. I am the living, breathing embodiment of the quote. In looking over the next 45 days of my life, I have: a Sisterhood program planning meeting, a neighborhood block captain meeting, a sisterhood movie night, several get-togethers with various groups of friends, a birthday present spa day from my aunt, three trips to the airport (to pick up or drop off various relatives), Weight Watcher meetings, a sisterhood program (which goes with the aforementioned planning meeting), a work party, a bat mitzvah of a family friend, a wedding shower of another friend and then we are flying to Chicago for a family wedding on Labor Day weekend.

Not to mention the work I actually get paid for, the husband I like to spend time with and the vacations we have planned for the fall that have their own related mishegoss.

You want to know why it took me two weeks to update this blog? Now you know.

I’ve often talked about my planner. The left side of it, where I keep print outs pertaining to a plethora of events, is bulging out to the point that I can no longer zip the planner.

The funny thing is, I love it. I love having things to do. I love feeling a sense of accomplishment in doing them. I love celebrating joyous events with my friends.

I was watching “Bridezillas” last night and one especially heinous bride to be was moaning about all she had to do – before foisting it on her matron of honor. Obviously, she probably fell into the lazy category. If you give a lazy person too much to do – they freak.

When I was planning our wedding, I had relatives ask me: Don’t you need a wedding planner?

I told them: “Nah. What would I do with all that free time?”

So here I am … able to get out a blog post before heading home to make dinner with my husband. I have about 45 minutes commute time in the car, anyone need anything done?

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