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A request from the Jewlyweds

by Mrs. Shoshana F

September 8, 2008 | 2:04 pm

Dear Friends and Family,

Adam and I want to thank you for the countless politically themed e-mail forwards, Web links, Facebook group invites and YouTube clips that you’ve sent our way over the last few months.

We feel blessed to be surrounded by such a large group of extremely opinionated people.

We know that none of you are afraid to say exactly what is on your respective minds – at the exact moment you think it.

As much as we love you all, we are asking you – for the next eight weeks – to knock it off!

We know how we feel about each candidate and why neither one is our ideal. We know that – from the e-mails we’ve received—one is a communist who will give up Israel and one is a war-monger who cares nothing for women’s rights.

We also know that the person we did support wholeheartedly is no longer in the running – and that has left us with a big decision to make.

That choice, however, will not be decided by all of our well-meaning friends and family members (as much as you all like to think you’ve played a part).

In between now and the election, we have to get through several holiday—and nonholiday—functions with all of you. Why do you think we are looking so forward to our vacation in October – a whole week without forwards and links and “did you see thats?”

When this election is over, there will be “winners” and their will be “losers” – and I can assure you that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama will be coming around to anyone’s homes to help pick up the pieces of any family fallouts.

So to the respective Obamacrats and McCainicans among our friends and families (you know who you are), we just want to say God Bless America. And maybe in January we can focus on what’s really important: Who Jason will pick on the next “Bachelor.”

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