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One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

By Noga Gur-Arieh

August 24, 2012 | 4:31 pm

After dancing in my cousin’s Bat-Mitzvah until my feet began to sore, I decided that oriental and Middle Eastern music must be given its well-deserved respect.  It’s not really my cup of... read on

  • An ode to television

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 22, 2012 | 2:25 pm

    Israel’s image worldwide may be not so great, but Television’s image is much worse. When we think of television we think of low culture, something that fits all people, even the less intelligent ones. In our minds, television appears to be the lowest common ground of mankind, unlike... read on

  • The Israeli Family

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 20, 2012 | 12:10 pm

    This is the truly inspiring story of a family putting every single bit of selfishness aside to help Israel: Chami and Oksana Zemach, from the small town, Kadesh-Barnea, Israel, decided that Israel’s lack of proper PR skills will not get in the way of helping the world understand the... read on

  • One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 17, 2012 | 3:15 pm

    As you all probably know, when you reach the age of 18 in Israel, you automatically (with exceptions) serve in the IDF for two years at least. There are many types of jobs you can do, and many ways to serve. It all depends of your personality and abilities. Most people either serve... read on

  • The rivalry that killed a friendship

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 16, 2012 | 11:29 am

    Today, I would like to tell you the story of a true friendship, which turned out to be impossible because of a rivalry. I know you’ve already heard of Romeo and Juliet, but I promise you this one is more modern and because of that, more disappointing. This story has officially worn... read on

  • The day after- an Olympics summary

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 14, 2012 | 12:24 pm

    This is the first time, since 1988, that Israeli athletes return from the Olympic games without any medals. None. It’s not like we usually bring more than one, but this was still one hell of a national disappointment. This was the first time I watched the Olympic Games, and after a... read on

  • Israel and the world Pt. 16 - weekly news from Israel

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 13, 2012 | 12:18 pm

    *Apparently, even the other side of the globe has heard of our achievements, and wants some of that Israeli magic. University of International Business Economics, one of the largest universities in Beijing, China, will open a department for Israeli economics studies. There, the... read on

  • One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

    By Noga Gur-Arieh

    August 10, 2012 | 3:08 pm

    This week, I would like to recommend a book. It took me a while to find a good book in Hebrew which was translated to English. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of them, and I must admit: you miss out on a lot. Fortunately, considering the circumstances, the Minheret HaZman (The Time... read on

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