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World Leaders- stop condemning, start taking action!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

August 23, 2013 | 10:25 am

The world must take action.

International relations- this small expression unfolds to a complex network of co-dependence based relations between the countries of the world. This means individual gain from economic or technological cooperation, but also obligations and commitments for other countries. There were times in history where powerful countries needed to provide assistance to other countries in need. They hadn't always done that, and even when they did, it sometimes failed, but it is all a part of the tight connection of co-dependence. Some people are against such assistance, for it can be interpreted as intervening in other people's businesses, and some are for it, but the bottom line is that there are times when such interference must be done. The holocaust is an example; the poverty in Africa is another example. The civil war in Syria is a third example, and unlike the first two examples, this time there is still a chance for the world to not look the other way.

For over two years now, the guns in Syria are roaring as thunder as hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being brutally murdered. These civilians got caught in the fire, and others are still there, blessing every sunrise they get to witness.  At first, it was somehow still ignorable. Civil wars happen, and dictators always existed in the Middle East. With time, as Assad realized the world knows and chooses to do nothing, he kept teasing the U.S and its allies, with civilians' bodies being his toys for self-amusement. From casual killings to mass murder to chemical weapons- he smiles, they die, the world is silent.

Israel takes in injured people who comes knocking on its door and treats them. It is a beautiful humanitarian aid, but it's clearly not enough to put an end to this raging war that somehow manages to stay under the western leaders' radar. Between being expected to fix everything in the Middle East on one hand, and being accused of everything that's wrong there on the other hand, Israel cannot do much more. None of the sides involved in the Syrian civil war is a friend of Israel. Not Assad or the Syrian opposition assembled mostly of extreme Islamist organizations is willing to accept Israeli aid, and at the same time, it is very complicated for Israeli troops to enter an enemy's territory.

Those who can step in and get involved are other powerful countries. Those who take time to publicly condemn Assad from a distance, and then return to minding their own business. Once again, the world knows and sits still. The world knows but looks the other way, neglecting the difficult yet mandatory aspect of International Relations. Condemning Assad only fills his juice. Like many dictators before him, he gets his kicks from the international attention, and puts the world to the test when taking his brutal actions one step forward to the extreme, one condemnations at a time.

While there is the question of how to assist those poor civilians, there is no question of "if." Those powerful leaders who run our world are more than qualified to discuss the right way to save lives, but they must do it now, before there will be no one to save. Innocent people are being caught under fire with nowhere to hide and only God to pray to. As the war zone grows bigger, the smaller their chances of survival are. Few are lucky enough to find shelter in Israel, but most of them, men, women and children, are losing their chances of seeing a clear, blue sky. This can all turn around, if only the world leaders will realize their international obligation, stop shaking their head in disappointment from Assad and actually take action.

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