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by Noga Gur-Arieh

August 19, 2013 | 2:27 am

An Israeli photographer's new take on Disney fairytales

An Israeli born photographer is making waves with the project "fallen princesses." Dina Goldstein created a photo project that shows  alternative, more modern endings to the well-known Disney fairy tales. What kind of modern-day problems would Snow White face today? And what about Belle?

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SCOOP Israel

In this past week, student journalists from all around the world visited Israel for a five-day fully sponsored professional conference called SCOOP- Student  Conference for University Press. In this eye-opening tour, the young journalists visited many places in Israel, heard lectures by leading media experts from both sides of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, experienced Israel's day to day reality beyond the conflict and received tools for impartial coverage of the conflict areas.

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Another Israeli startup sold to a tech giant

Just months after the Israeli startup Waze was purchased by Google in a billion-dollar deal, it has been announced that IBM is acquiring Israel-based Trusteer, a maker of security software to protect data from phishing and other malware attacks. The deal is rumored to be worth between $800 million and a billion dollars.

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6th place for the Israeli athlete

At the world's championship of Women's Triple Jump, held in Moscow on Thursday, Israeli Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko ended in sixth place. The 23-year-old has been representing Israel since the beginning of 2013, when she received her citizenship.

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Babs thanking her Israeli fans. Personally.

During one of her two concerts in Israel, living legend Barbra Streisand dedicated a song to an Israeli couple, Nit Berger and Itai Or. The two are big fans of her, and before her performance, they sent her a letter: "We're together because of you.'Guilty' came out before we were even born, but we love it! Can you please sing it?" Now, almost two months since that performance, the couple was surprised to receive a "thank you" letter from the singer.

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Fighting Obesity

Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, along with colleagues at Hadassa Hospital, have developed the first system that can dramatically help obese people get the pounds off, and keep them off, without surgery: A gastric sleeve that is inserted into the intestine endoscopicly.

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Another Israeli TV format to air abroad

After "Homeland," "In Treatment," "Mother's Day" and many more, another Israeli television series has caught the eyes of producers abroad. The Israeli television series "Ima Ve'abaz" ("Mom and Dads"), which is broadcast by the HOT cable company, has been sold to France and Britain. The show tells the story of two homosexual men who have a child with a straight single woman.

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Fighting for peace

Hundreds of Arab and Jewish Israeli children participate in Budo for Peace karate clubs in northern Israel, learning respect, tolerance and non-violence along with the martial art form.

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What got El Al plane to turn around?

11-year-old cancer patient Inbar Chomsky boarded an El Al flight in Israel to attend a camp for sick kids in New York, but had to get off the plane, after she found out her passport is missing. despite frantic efforts by her group to find it, the airline had to take off without her. Minutes after the plane had departed, another camper found Inbar's passport in another girl's backpack. Then, the pilots consulted with ground control and in a beautiful act decided to return to the gate to pick her up.

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Joining the shared cause

According to a statement, released by the Israeli Prime Minister office last week, a new program will offer scholarships for students on Israeli university campuses who will combat anti-semitism or calls for boycotting Israel online. Are you currently studying in Israel? Consider joining our shared cause- spreading the truth about Israel!

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Small country, big ideas

Did you know Israelis did all of that?!

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