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by Noga Gur-Arieh

July 1, 2013 | 12:28 pm


International company Freij Entertainment‬, which built the London Eye and the world's largest mobile rides in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and other cities, will build a gigantic Ferris Wheel at Tel-Aviv port, sometimes during 2014. The wheel will be 80 meters (263 feet) tall and will include 42 sealed and air-conditioned passenger capsules, which can hold up to six people each. It will also feature a VIP section, where people could dine as Israel's beautiful scenery would reflect from their window.

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All roads lead to the Roman Empire

An ancient road leading from Jaffa to Jerusalem, was exposed during archeological excavation, conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The road, as wide as 8 meters, was built of large, flat stones, as was dated back to the Roman Period (about second to fourth centuries, CE.)

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Chicago-Israel newest collaboration

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, visited Jerusalem last Monday, to sign a cooperation agreement between Ben-Gurion University and The University of Chicago. Both universities, which have been working together for the last 18 months, have come up with a series of proposals that would look at ways to purify water at the molecular level, making clean, fresh drinking-water more plentiful and less expensive by 2020.

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Tel Aviv on the top

National Geographic has released its list of the top 10 beach cities in the world and has accredited Tel Aviv as number nine. In the past few years, the city marked itself as Israel's "unofficial capital," and attracted many tourists to its nightclubs, beaches and spectacular events. It was also chosen as one of the most "gay friendly" cities in the world.

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Don't rain on her parade!

On June 22nd, I was amongst the lucky 16,000 Israelis who had the honor to see Barbra Streisand performing live. Her concert at the Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa was only her 100th concert in her entire career. She landed in Israel a week earlier to join our President's 90th birthday celebrations, and spend over a week enjoying Israel.

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A diamond will shine in Israel

Three years ago, Rihanna first came to Israel for an unforgettable concert that wowed the fans. She probably had a great time here, because the six-time Grammy winner has plans to return here, and bring her “Diamonds” world tour to Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv on October 22.

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"Z" for "Zion?"

In World War Z, the summer blockbuster that opened in the US last week, Brad Pitt is a UN specialist leading the people of the world to a safe place, after a massive Zombie attack. After the major cities of the world are being struck by the living dead, he turns to the one last civilization standing- Jerusalem. According to "Times of Israel," World War Z is the "greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since Otto Preminger's Exodus." However, in Turkey they somehow managed to censor any references to Israel…

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Kings of Matkot

Summer is here, and it means only three things: beaches, beaches and beaches. The warming rays of the sun gently push more and more Israelis towards the beach, where we tan, swim, relax and play our "national beach sport"- Matkot!

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Wibbitz you news

After two years of work and a month-long closed beta test, the new Israeli startup, Wibbitz, went public last week, with a free iPhone and iPad app that lets users automatically convert news stories into videos. How does it work? An automated voice reads out a news story on one of dozens of news sites, with the audio accompanied by still photos, videos, and infographics relating to the story.

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