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by Noga Gur-Arieh

May 20, 2013 | 12:39 pm

A 1500 year old mosaic discovered in Israel

Israel is a place full of history. In thousands of years, many nations, tribes and empires of many cultures settled here, built and ruined, and left many discoveries to be found. With time, more and more beautiful memories are being found, including remains of palaces, old cities, ancient artwork and more. An archeological excavation of the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered a colorful mosaic dating back to the Byzantine period. It was exposed in the fields of Kibbutz Bet Kama in the Negev desert.

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"Google glass" for the blind

Israeli researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa have developed an innovative tool, which one day in the not-so-distant future, people blinded by RP may see beyond shadows once again. This tool will provide a futuristic and bionic way to bypass neural circuitry and directly stimulate restored vision cells with a computer-driven technique called holography.

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NY Center  for Jewish History gives artwork to Google Art

New York City's Center for Jewish History is contributing more than 600 high-resolution artworks to the Google Art Project, which uses technology to put art, archives, heritage sites and other cultural material online. The center's contribution includes paintings and works on paper that survived the Holocaust, as well as portraits of Sigmund Freud.

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A digital revolution is coming to Tel-Aviv

Mayor of Tel-Aviv, Ron Huldai, portrayed a "digital revolution" his city is planned to undergo in the next few months. “Digi-Tel,” will allow residents to do all municipal business online, from paying real estate taxes to filing requests for permits, license applications, and renewals. Residents will also be able get tailor-made information about events in their neighborhoods based on their preferences, reserve and pay for tickets to the theater and sporting events, sign kids up for school and more.

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A hit Palestinian reality show allows people to pretend to run for President

"The President" is a reality show, broadcast weekly on the Palestinian TV station, Maan TV.  The show offers contestants the chance to tell what they would do on a variety of subjects, if elected President. Since the Palestinians haven't elected President since 2005, the show allows them to vote contestants off and choose a winner, something that they cannot do in real life.

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Israeli students using science to help poor African communities

High school students from Tel-Aviv are developing a system to convert highly nutritious spirulina alga into powder, for distribution in poor African communities. It is not able to solve the world hunger, but it can prevent malnutrition, which causes death in developing countries.

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A new TAU - US team discovery

A team of astronomers from Tel Aviv University and from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) has discovered a planet outside our solar system using a method based on Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

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Gene Simmons insults Muslims on an interview

Rock legends and "Kiss" bassist, Gene Simmons, sparked outrage in Australia, where he was touring earlier this month. On an interview for a Melbourne radio station, Simmons made some anti-Muslim comments, calling it a "vile culture," and insinuating that the West was under threat.

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Ashton Kutcher visits Israel

Ashton Kutcher arrived in Israel on Monday for a visit. The actor stayed in Tel-Aviv, where he met with some local startup companies. Kutcher is a big fan of Israel. This is his fifth visit here, and just like the four times before, he did not forget to mention his impression with this country to his fans and followers.

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