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by Noga Gur-Arieh

April 22, 2013 | 12:17 pm

The Israeli pictures based social network

There are almost 13,000 photo apps on the App Store, and still, a group of Israelis managed to create one that will draw everyone's attention.  The free app is called Pixplit, and it is a social network complete with user profiles and the ability for friends to follow each other. The app allows people not only to share photos, but also to create art. Simply upload a picture you took via your Smartphone to a split template, and let others complete it.

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The south flourishes

After an extremely rainy Israeli winter, the south of Israel, also known as the Negev, is colored green, and is filled with beautiful spring flowers.  In the past few weeks, thousands of Israelis enjoyed the beautiful sight of a carpet of red anemones ("kalaniot" in Hebrew), growing on roadsides and in fields, forests and nature reserves. If you're planning a visit soon, don't forget to pay a visit to the Negev, and enjoy the "Darom Adom" (Red South) festival.

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Remembering the Patisans

This year's Holocaust Remembrance day was one with a special remark- 70 years ago, a group of Jews called the Partisans, started an uprising in the Warsaw ghetto and tried to fight back. They thought their battle would last less than a day, but eventually they fought for a month, killing many Nazis. This week, around 100 people gathered at Warsaw's synagogue to pay tribute to the Jews who took part in the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

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Roger Waters reconsiders Israel's boycott

After calling musicians to boycott Israel (and succeeding at times,) until the Israeli government "ends the occupation of the Palestinian people," Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters said in an interview to the Huffington post that he is now rethinking that position.

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Human Rights activists are impressed with Israel

Two leading European human rights activists recently visited Israel to take part in KKL-JNF (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael Jewish National Fund) projects, aimed to promote coexistence between Jews and Arabs.

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The boy who decided to learn Hebrew

Timothy Doner, a 17 year old teenager from New-York, speaks no less than 20 languages, including French, Latin, ancient Greek, Japanese, Arabic and Swahili. Now, the polyglot is digging deep into the Hebrew language, and on the way, learns Israeli history and enjoys Israeli music.

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 Independence party, High-tech style

I guess you all know that Israel is also known as "the start-up nation", being the home of dozens of R&D labs that belong to multinational tech companies, some of them the principal development facility for their parent corporation. For Israel's 65th Independence Day, Israel’s high-tech industry  threw itself a Day party in Tel Aviv, with guests including Economics Minister Naftali Bennett and the ambassadors and diplomatic staff from 41 countries.

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Honduras vs. Israel

Honduras will play a friendly game against Israel at Citi Field on June 2 in preparation for three World Cup qualifiers.The game was announced Tuesday and will be played on the same day as the Celebrate Israel Parade in Manhattan.

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Palestinian start-up innovations

Dozens of young Palestinians took part in the West Bank’s premier start-up conference. The goal of the conference was to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and lay a foundation for a thriving high-tech industry, inspired by Israel's success in that field. According to this report from The Times of Israel, dozens of Palestinian firms perform outsourcing work for Israeli-based companies nowadays, making technology a rare area of cooperation between the sides.

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