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This week from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

March 25, 2013 | 12:10 pm

Obama's visit through Jerusalem's eyes

Last week, President Obama visited Israel for the first time, in a three-day event some of us referred to as "FestiBama." During these three days, Jerusalem's businesses and hotels bloomed, while hosting not only politicians, but also journalists and many tourists.

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Anti-Semetic Hungarian journalist  returned  an award

Ferenc Szaniszlo, a Hungarian television presenter, won the prestigious Mihaly Tancsics prize for journalistic excellence. However, due to an outcry by local journalists and the Israeli embassy, the journalist, known for his anti- Semitic and racist remarks, handed back the award, saying it is "not worth it if it going to damage the country."

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Free Pollard hunger strike

President Obama was welcomed by several mass protests and petitions calling on the American government to release Jonathan Pollard, with the support of Israeli President, Shimon Peres. Politely, he declined the release request, but even this statement did not stop Michael Foa, an Israeli who went on a hunger strike for Pollard's release.

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The man who helps foreign media know the truth

Aryeh Green, Director of “Media Central”, a Jerusalem-based center that provides support services for journalists based in or visiting Israel, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the way he helps the foreign press gain a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of the Israeli reality.

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The 26 year-old candidate to become Intel's CEO

On Thursday, President Obama was presented with an Israeli Hi-Tech showcase, presenting Israeli successes and world-changing innovation in the fields of medicine, agriculture, road safety, robotics and more. In this visit, Obama met with a group of Israeli young innovators, including the 26 year-old Sa’id Haruf. Haruf represented Intel, as well as Maantech, a hi-tech school for Israeli Arabs, which was developed to help them become more integrated into Israel’s hi-tech scene. Haruf  revealed to Obama his desire of replacing Paul Otellini, the retiring CEO of Intel.

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Who was behind Stevie Wonder's cancellation?

Musician Stevie Wonder was scheduled to perform in an event for IDF soldiers in Los Angeles in December 2012. Not long before the event, Wonder suddenly cancelled, after falling for anti-Israeli propaganda. Wonder forgot to make the important separation between music and politics, and chose to not help young Israeli soldiers. Now, it turns out that the person who convinced him to cancel was no other but Roger Waters…

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Peres honoring Obama
President Shimon Peres bestowed the President's Medal upon U.S. President Barack Obama Thursday evening, about a year after Obama honored Peres with the Medal of Freedom. The medal was given to Obama for his unique contribution to Israel's security.

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From the Academy Awards to Jerusalem

Israel is star struck. Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, who won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," visited Israel last week to attend the wedding of his daughter.

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Honoring Israeli contribution to computer security

Israeli Shafi Goldwasser is considered a pioneer in the field of cryptography. For her great contribution to computer security, she, along with her research partner Prof. Silvio Micali of MIT, will receive the prestigious Turing Award, “for transformative work that laid the complexity-theoretic foundations for the science of cryptography, and in the process pioneered new methods for efficient verification of mathematical proofs in complexity theory."

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Greek footballer apologizes for Nazi salute

After scoring the winning goal in a Super League match against Veria, AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis raised his hand, performing the familiar and chilling Nazi salute. It took a life ban from all national teams to get him to realize the seriousness of his actions.

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Israel-Portugal historic match

This Friday, the national soccer team of Portugal visited Israel for a match, on the way to the 2014 World Cup. We were pretty certain Israel would lose  by a large gap, but this match turned historic when the team was in the lead for most of the game, which eventually ended with a 3-3 draw.

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To sum up Obama's visit…

Alex Zusmanovich was one of the lucky 600 Israeli students who won the raffle to hear Obama's speech, first hand. After returning home, he sat down to write his impressions…

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And to finish this week's This Week from Israel- HAPPY PASSOVER!

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