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by Noga Gur-Arieh

March 11, 2013 | 12:15 pm

Expanding "Insights"

The Israeli "Insights" project, which includes a special production of a song made entirely from Holocaust survivors' messages to the next generation, keeps growing. The Israeli Students Union and the Ministry of Senior Citizens has announced their cooperation with "Insights", in finding holocaust survivors who wish to share their wisdom and students who will visit the survivors, document them and help them realize their legal rights. 

Another big organization who joined the project is Taglit (Birthright), which is bringing young Jews to Israel for a free of charge ten-day tour, in order to connect them with Israel and Israelis and help strengthen their Jewish identity. Taglit will pitch in in collecting testimonies from Holocaust survivors around the globe. Taglit will also assist in finding the artist who will perform the finished "Insights" song, and will host him or her in one of its big yearly concerts.

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Goodwill gestures to Palestinian Authority

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will reportedly consider providing the Palestinian Authority a package of goodwill gestures, including transferring responsibility for areas of the West Bank, approving building plans for Palestinian villages,  releasing many of the 123 Fatah prisoners arrested by Israel before the Oslo peace talks, and providing small arms ammunition to the Palestinian security forces.

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Izzy Ezagui- an Israeli role model

One of the participants at this year’s AIPAC policy conference was Izzy Ezagui, a 24-year-old combat reserves officer, who lost his arm in a mortar shell explosion but continues to serve as a reservist in special forces for the IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade.

Ezagui shared his inspirational story with AIPAC audience, and later interviewed with Arutz Sheva. Take a look:

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House of the rising sun
Students at Israel's Shenkar College of Engineering and Design invented an innovative energy-saving house, which is self-sustainable. The plans and a model of the one-level, 70 sq.m house with a 100 sq.m yard will be presented in the upcoming Solar Decathlon - an international sustainable architecture competition, which will be held in China in August.

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Israeli Apartheid Week- even at Harvard

Jewish students in freshman and upper class dormitories in the prestigious Harvard University, received mock eviction notices in light of “Israel Apartheid Week”, which is currently being organized on college and university campuses worldwide. The notices, which read: "We regret to inform you that your suite is scheduled for demolition in the next three days," were hung by the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee . “We’re considering it a hate crime. The flier promotes hate; it doesn’t promote peace. People were scared by it. People felt threatened by it," said one of the Jewish students.

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Barcelona honors Israeli academic program for female academics

The city of Barcelona, Spain, has decided to honor a program by the Weizmann Institute for Science, which provides a financial boost for female academics to help with their household needs while they work on their research. Weizmann will receive one of Barcelona's most important marks of recognition: the Maria Aurèlia Capmany Award for Women’s Advancement.

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A new Israeli international star is born!

Actor Yoav Levi plays the role of senior al-Qaeda terrorist Abu Faraj al-Libbi in the award winning film, Zero Dark Thirty. In an interview for Ynet, Levi tells about the secrecy revolving around  the project at early stage, the experience of playing an Muslim terrorist and the Hollywood experience.

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Two Israeli women on the windsurfing World Championship podium

On Wednesday, two Israelis stood on the podium of the windsurfing World Championships in Buzios, Brazil. Ma’ayan Davidovich won the bronze medal, and Lee Korzits took first place, holding the gold medal for the fourth time. 

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Rita- singing for peace at the UN

Under the banner, "Tunes for peace," the Israeli, Iranian born singer performed at the UN headquarters in New York in the presence of the UN secretary-general, the General Assembly president, ambassadors, diplomats and Jewish community leaders.

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Israel-India relationship- who knew?

Here is a little bit of new and interesting information about the India-Israel relationship…

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Ethiopia joins the Miss Israel celebrations

A couple of weeks ago, Yityish (Titi) Aynaw was crowned Miss Israel, and became the first Ethiopian- born woman to ever earn that title. Joining the celebrations in Israel was the Israeli Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who is planning posting Aynaw's pictures on billboards across Ethiopia. In addition, the Embassy intends on inviting Aynaw to the traditional Independence Day reception as the guest of honor from Israel.

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Fighting Israeli Apartheid Week

As we all, unfortunately, know, the Israeli Apartheid Week is now at its peak. It is the time for us to share the truth, and help preventing lies and twisted truths from spreading. Here is a video and an article I found, explaining the consequences of boycotting Israel. Feel free to read and share! 

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