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Supporting Israeli Art

by Noga Gur-Arieh

May 3, 2013 | 12:23 pm

Today, I would like to present to you the respected group of Israeli artists I was recently introduced to, whose works are published and sold via one website, named "Israeli Art." In this one website, you can find a variety of Israeli and Jewish creations, made by tenths of Israeli artists.  Silver candlesticks with beautiful carvings, Jewelry, Menorahs, Hannukah Lamps, designed Home Blessings, Judaica, painting and more. You name it- they got it.

This united group of artists was formed about a year ago, when the Jewish Federation decided to invite a group of dozen Israeli artists for a visit at five Jewish Communities in the States, and to present to them with their creations, as part of the Israeli Independence Day celebrations. During the visit, the members of those Jewish communities were exposed to many kinds of Jewish creation they have yet to see, and bought every single item that was on sale, so that none of the artists brought a single piece back home. 

All of those artists were very talented, but had something else in common: lack of PR experience. That's why they decided to gather under one web-roof, and created a shared website, which helps them sell their art and make a living. With time, more and more artists joined this group, and managed to focus on their creation, and not put as much effort in sales attempts as before, thanks to the website, which keeps attracting more and more pleased customers.

While browsing "Israeli Art," you can find creations made by Israeli artists of all kinds, ages and opinions. For example, Mickey paints parts of Jerusalem on a genuine Jerusalem Stone; Noa makes Jewelry from Turquoise stone; Inbar is a photographer which serves in a combat unit in the IDF, and captures very unique pictures of Israel; Yaffa makes designed "home blessings" in several languages; Sigal makes hand-made candlesticks, Eran carves Jerusalem on silver objects, and this is just a small taste of the variety of artists and creations that present their work on "Israeli Art."



Shaul Levi, the site manager, says in an interview to Israelife that so far, the number of the entrances to the website is almost identical to the number of purchases, which means almost every person, from and outside of Israel, who browses the website, finds something to buy. "Usually, the average artist spends 50% of his or her time marketing his or her creations, and usually, even after doing so, they still struggle to make a living. Thanks to the website, which helps the artists with marketing, they can spend more time working on their art, and worry less about getting to the customers. That way, they sell more, and the customer gets an improved creation. "Israeli Art" exposes the artists to people all around the world, who are interested in Jewish or Israeli art, and with time, more and more artists join our united group. We hope that more people will be expose to our website and help support Israeli Art."

Visit "Israeli Art" to see some of the most beautiful Israeli creations: http://www.israeli-art.org/index.html

Visit "Support Israeli Art" on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SupportIsraliArt?ref=tn_tnmn



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