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Social media outcry: How Israelis are mourning the loss of three of their sons

by Noga Gur-Arieh

June 30, 2014 | 1:17 pm

Israelis gather in the town of Elad on June 30, outside the home of Eyal Yifrah, one of three teenagers who was abducted. Photo by Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters

Earlier this evening, a news report interrupted the regular programming on the main television channels, with the tragic news that ended an 18-day security operation: The dead bodies of the 16 year-old Gil-Ad Shaar, 16 year-old Naftali Fraenkel and 19 year- old Eyal Yifrah, were found this evening near the Palestinian town of Halhul, north of Hebron, after a wide search conducted by Israel’s security forces.

That very moment, every Facebook page in Israel was filled with comments, representing every position on the vast Israeli political range. Some expressed their condolences, some expressed their anger and sadness, others chose to give professional commentary on the operation, and there were those who gave harsh criticism about the government and the IDF.

Here are some Facebook statuses I gathered (most of them are translated from Hebrew,) expressing the wide mixture of emotions felt by the citizens of Israel:


"It's official - RIP" – Shay Amiran.


“Over 2 weeks ago, three teenage boys were kidnapped by two Palestinian terrorists. For 18 days and nights the country waited with bated breath, and the security forces worked tirelessly to try and locate them. Tonight the bodies of the three were found. It's important to me that all my English-speaking friends out there read this and discuss it with their friends and neighbors, so that all those who accuse Israel of any alleged cruelty would finally understand that we truly are living in the belly of the beast!
#support_Israel today!”
Ariella Goichman Garber.


"It is still an "if"- but it is very sad. If the state/security system indeed knew that they have been dead this whole time (it was published that towards the end of the recorded phone call made by one of the boys during the kidnapment, gunshots can be heard in the background, and blood was found in the scortched vehicle), the question that arises is: how much of this operation was meant to bring back the boys and how much of it was yet another means of hurting Palastinians in such a meaningless and unnecessary way. May they be of Blessed Memory. But the administrative detainee should be released, for they too are kindnapped."  – Mattan Faber.


"This is hearwrenching"  Margalit Perez.

To all the "bleeding hearts" out there, who keep insisting, even at this difficult time that we should keep fighting for for our “peace loving” neighbors; who say that this is the direct outcome of the occupation; and who even state that Palastinian children were also killed in this current operation, -  please, transport yourselves from the convenience of Tel- Aviv to the heart of Gaza or Ramallah! I am sure that they will welcome you with open arms (and weapons drawn.) By the way, I am happy to know that you won’t be able to read these lines, simply because I removed you from my friends list. I am sad, depressed, despaired and now also shocked. May those beautiful boys rest in peace, and may we never know more sorrow” – Eyal Givly.

“And now just one question: Is anyone even surprised by this bitter outcome? Don’t know about you, but I am honestly not. This conflict will never end with an agreement or a treaty – this will always and forever be a zero-sum game.” – Yuri Gankin.

“A lesson for life:
Gil-Ad Shaar’s mother was qouted yesterday: 'Thank you, people of Israel, for your support. We are filled with hope. But remember that God does not owe us anything, and no matter what happens – be strong.' The mother of one of the suspects kidnappers was also quoted yesterday: “They are trying to frame us for this, but if he truly did abduct those Jews, it would be a huge honor for our entire family'.                                                                       And that, children, is the difference between humans and monsters.”
– Adi Barazany.

“We sing and they kill, we cry and they sing. #RealityInIsrael2014” – Netanel Moore.

“Chilling to try and imagine what went through the heads of three young boys who were kidnapped and murdered. This, and other similar tragedies, teach us that we are not dealing with people who want us to suffer, but with blood-thirsty animals who want to murder; just murder.
**I have no intention of generalizing all Palestinians**” 
– Yotam Schreiber.


“All those who use this time to preach and pick an argument– slap yourselves. You’ve completely lost it.” – Elizabeth Volfson.

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