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Scarlet Johansson, new technology, Israeli whiskey, IDF in the US and more…This week from Israel!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

January 19, 2014 | 12:06 pm

Israeli soldiers are touring the US. Want to hear what they have to say?

The 6th annual Israeli Soldiers’ Stories tour is about to launch! On this StandWithUs program, thirteen Israeli soldiers will tour North America and share their backgrounds, interests, life in Israel and answer questions. 

Read more here. Read about the 2013 tour here.


The biased agenda of the UN

Israel kills fewest innocents, so why does it take the most heat from the UN? The annual fatality count in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is lower than a daily terror casualty toll in Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and other countries. This does not bother Professor Richard Falk, a top UN official, from declaring that Israel wreaks carnage upon the Palestinians, harboring what he termed "genocidal intent.”

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Is there Apartheid in Israel?

Hardly, states the Los Angeles Times. While BDS and other anti-Israeli organizations successfully blind foreign media with lies, the Los Angeles Times reviewed carefully the reasoning behind calls to boycott Israel. Guess what they found out? 

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Tel-Aviv back in the day

The Israeli “city that never sleeps,” Tel-Aviv, is about to turn 105! With its beautiful beaches, active nightlife and fun atmosphere, Tel-Aviv is one of the most active cities in the world! Ever wondered what it looked like decades ago?

See the pics here



Turn the volume up!

Tel-Aviv’s ground rattled this weekend, but it wasn’t because of an earthquake. In a three-day, four-night affair, the city’s first mass mainstream dance-music festival took place, shaking the walls with heart-pumping beats. Introducing: Tel Aviv Volume!

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The first Israeli whiskey distillery

Milk & Honey, Israel's first distillery, will put the world’s first commercial Israeli single malt whiskey on stands in 2017.  To help raise money for this project, the company has offered micro-investors access to its historic first batch with an online crowd-funding campaign through Indeigogo, promising anyone who pitches in $79 a bottle of the first brew, expected to hit shelves in December, 2017.

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Scarlet Johansson – laughs is BDS’s face

The successful Israeli soda kit manufacturer. SodaStream announced that no other than Scarlet Johansson would be the brand's first "global brand ambassador.” She will also star in their Super Bowl commercial. This announcement comes at perfect timing, as the BDS movement is calling the world to boycott the Israeli company.

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Rose got the X Factor!

Rose Fostanes, a 47 year-old Filipina caregiver, is the first winner of the Israeli X-Factor! Throughout the season, Fostanes won the hearts of the audience and the judges. After winning Tuesday night’s final, she thanked everyone who voted for her and all her Israeli fans.

Read more here.



Control you iPhone with…Your head?

Israeli start-up uMoove released on Tuesday the first and so far only, head and face tracking-based app for iPhones and iPads, opening up a new world of interaction with handheld device. This new technology will soon allow iOS users to take virtual tours and get remote medical diagnoses.

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Pamela Anderson honeymooning in Israel

Just several days after secretly remarrying her ex-husband Rick Salomon, Hollywood star Pamela Anderson surprised Israelis once again by choosing to celebrate her honeymoon in the Holy Land.

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